October 03, 2018

Being in New York City is always a gift.

Over the years it has brought: synchronicity, profound relationships, sparkly connections, collaborations with hard-working, talented people + a sense of wildly flying ahead of the curve (not to mention yummy food + beauty). 

Our last trip was the best yet. 

I felt so freeeee! 

We’ve been staying in the East Village for so long now, it’s like our hood. We’ve got all our favorite spots and there’s no struggle. It all feels so easy peasy! 

We’ve gotten smarter about allowing more time for meals. Sustenance is highly underrated, especially in NYC. As we’ve gotten better about always making time for 3 squares, we feel less crazed + drained. 

The pace of life in the city is already crazy, so carving out time to sit + eat is super important. No more skipping meals or shoving prepared sushi down our throats in a taxi, haha. 

So much love to all the beautiful businesses that support + sustain us - thank you! 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Airbnb. Simply the best way to travel + have access to an entire apartment or house, it’s the bomb. In fact we did our private ceremonies in our home away from home, and it was divine. 

During this trip we offered one-on-one private ceremonies, as the most profound, intimate, and transformative service that we offer yet. I can say with full confidence that this is truly a pivotal experience. If you are at any kind of crossroads (when are we not?), this is a way to catapult you into the ripening of your full potential + beauty. 

We purposefully don’t post a lot of photos of the ceremonies because they are so. damn. intimate, but here are a few sneak peeks.

Thank you to our collaborators who hosted us with beautiful spaces, colorful flowers, gracious hospitality + love: Alchemist Kitchen, ABC Home, Rubin Museum, NY Yoga Magazine, Woke + Wired, AnimaMundi Herbals, Detox Market, Simon from Associated Flowers.  

We did a talk on the Life-Changing Magic of Flowers, with flower readings at the Alchemist Kitchen.

We did our first-ever LIVE podcast recording of a joint acai/cacao and meditation ceremony and conscious entreprenuership Q&A with Ksenia Avdulova of Woke + Wired/Breakfast Criminals at the AnimaMundi Herbals apothecary. 

Listen to the recording here as episode 50 of the Flowerlounge podcast - to get right into the nitty gritty of the business/mindfulness Q&A, skip to minute marker 44:50. 

I had the immense pleasure of teaching Wakefulness Six Sensory practices at the Ruben Museum as part of the Urban Art + Yoga Retreat hosted by the NY Yoga Magazine! What an amazing place to teach and the Ruben + NY Yoga Mag teams were amazing hosts! 

Wow! I met some fabulous folks there too (stay tuned for future events with Jai Sugrim + Brooklyn Raga Massive!) 

We celebrated the grand opening of the new Detox Market store with flower card readings. The Detox Market has been our partner for many years with stores in California and Canada - and now finally NYC! We love their vision and were so happy to celebrate with them. 



Special thanks to partners/collaborators:

Nadia Nadelchev, our flower power sister who flew all the way from Uruguay! She represents LOTUSWEI in Uruguay!

And Stephanie Marango, MD, author + brilliant genius healer - we have big things in the works. 



Thank you to Karen + Shea Betten for being our getaway tribe to go and soak in the saunas and hot tubs and gratitude to our soul sister Carrie Anne Moss, who gave us a tour of her favorite exquisite tea shop in Brooklyn. 


After an amazing week we hopped in the Uber to the airport and when we got there I asked the woman at the counter how much time we had, because we had cut it a little bit close. She said we had plenty of time, but we hopped into a short line anyway. By the time we got there, she said we couldn’t get on the plane.

Ha! So Tessa ran off to make the plane, while Taylor and I stayed back with the suitcases, to catch the next plane the following day at 7pm. I frantically searched my bags and couldn’t find my license. There was just no way I was getting on that plane any which way that day. 

We found a last-minute airbnb in Brooklyn and had the most exquisite dinner EVER at the Bricolage - holy beautiful ideas for our rooftop deck.

Taylor and I had this incredible place all to ourselves by the end of the night as we dined in total disbelief: what planet had we just landed on?

We posted up on social media that since we missed the plane, we had time to open up one more private ceremony the following day. 

Wouldn’t you know it … how miracles of life happen? A woman reached out that night immediately saying, “Yes! I want it!” We later found out that she had just joined social media a month prior, found my personal instagram page two days prior, knew nothing about lotuswei but was strongly called to do the private ceremony. 

We met her and it was magic! Of course we missed the plane. She was ready. And so were we. We were all in the right places at the right timing. I love life! 

That is the magic of NYC.

And guess what? I found my license buried in some obscure pocket of my backpack the very night I arrived home.  ; ) 

Love + flower petals,