March 01, 2024

Have you recently felt any of the following: 
  • You’re finding it hard to listen
  • Others are not listening to you
  • You want to be heard
  • You’ve got something to say
  • You are not always present when others speak
  • Others are not always present when you speak
  • Your words are missing the mark
  • You’ve got a drive to project your voice more


If you’re drawn to Mullein, your system may be seeking a new dynamic of speaking and listening. You may recently feel that others are not listening to you, while simultaneously recognizing that it’s challenging to listen to others.

You may feel as if your words miss the mark or that your true intention is not landing with people. Your conversations may feel like mud, like a hazy sandstorm where you can’t see OR like a car race where everyone is having a hard time catching up. You may have noticed crossed cables, misunderstandings or unproductive friction in your relationships or community.



Activate: Projection
Message: What am I truly a beacon of?

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) flower essence helps us become like sunshine. We rise above and emit warmth and light. We’re an antenna, an emissary of positive transmissions and a gentle beacon. Our gentleness is strength and our warmth is inviting.

Our expression is effortless. It becomes easier to project our voice and energy. We feel heard and understood. It is easier to listen and understand others. Our energy is smoother, our approach is smoother and our expression is smoother. Resistance and friction dissolves & we find the easiest way to communicate. Mullein helps us all get on the same page.

Mullein assists us to understand when to project our voices & energy with razor sharpness – to cut through confusion – and when it’s better to step back and be quiet. We can explore the differences between operating as razor sharp & clear vs. smooth & easy going.



Known in the Southwest as ‘Cowboy’s Toilet Paper’ because of its velvety soft leaves, Mullein was brought to the USA in the 18th century for its medicinal properties.

Used in folk medicine for 2000+ years, its leaves are a remedy for colds, skin irritations, sores, rashes, skin infections (teas must be finely sifted to keep the hairs out). An infusion of the roots is used for athlete's foot, and the flower oil infusion is used against catarrhs, colics, earaches, frostbite, eczema, boils, hemorrhoids. Herbally traditionally known as for the ears for listening, hearing, clearing symptoms like earaches.

Mullein requires winter dormancy before it can grow, and they are prolific! Their seeds maintain their germinative powers for decades – up to 100 years!

Animals love Mullein too! Deer and elk eat the leaves. Megachilid bees use the hairs on the leaves for their nests.

Various cultures used mullein leaves as wicks for torches. And some Native Americans placed them in their shoes to keep cold air out! The plant was also said to ward off curses & evil spirits.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Expression & projection; Clarity & visibility; Beacon of sharpness & light

DISSOLVES: Feeling like people aren't listening to you – or you're not being heard; Missing the mark or lack of understanding; Unproductive friction, irritation or annoyance in relationships or a community


Love + flower petals,