July 08, 2017

I used to climb trees here
and run through the alleys
nibbling on the nectar
of red columbine flowers
it was a time
when I was fresh + fearless
and my mother’s garden was magic

katie hess milkweed LOTUSWEI flower essences

I would bury my face in huge peonies
and stand still
breathing deeply lily of the valley
peering up into
bleeding hearts + fuchsia

bleeding heart flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

and years later Minneapolis
is still a place of magic ~
the birds sing songs of Joy here

mulberries LOTUSWEI flower essences

and I am shoving handfuls of mulberries
in my mouth + eating marshmallows
in backyard fires

backyard camping LOTUSWEI flower essences

and I wonder what it is about the Midwest
that gently draws you in
to the embrace of Mother Nature
it surrounds you

like the soft steady kindness
of midwesterners
it beckons you to play
and experiment + explore +
trust yourself
above all else
like the summer sunshine that
urges the plants + flowers
to burst into action + be fully themselves

and now’s the time
for us to do the same
enough waiting —
the right season is now
the world is anticipating
beckoning our wildest expression

fringed prairie orchid flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

and deep down
we are also sitting at the edge of our seats
watching for the biggest, most daring parts
of ourselves to spring forth
to speak up
to let loose
to take risks
without having it all figured out
enjoying the thrill of
just diving in –
to our ripest, readiest selves
with all our messiness
and beauty & glory

minnesota great plains sunset LOTUSWEI flower essences

because there are miraculous surprises
just around the corner and
now is the time to
take action
and allow
the unfolding.



Love + flower petals,

katie hess