Luscious Rainforest Hot Cacao Recipe

February 16, 2018

When Taylor and I were exploring the rainforests in *Monteverde, Costa Rica we discovered the most incredible nourishing, delicious hot chocolate! The woman who made it for us graciously shared the recipe with us - and Rockin’ Raw used the recipe to make the hot cacao shot we served at the New York City LOVE Flowerlounge

First, start by using a spice grinder or coffee grinder to make a jar of spiced powder that you can use over and over again! Then whip up your mug of fresh hot cocoa, rich with warming spices + superfoods to nurture you from the inside out. 

Costa Rica hot cacao LOTUSWEI flower essences

Hot Chocolate Powder with Freshly Ground Spices

3 Cups of Organic Cacao Powder 

1 Tb Goji berries 

1 Tb Maca 

5 sticks of Cinnamon 

Small piece of Nutmeg 

Gring into powder with a dry spice grinder or coffee grinder. Some blenders can also handle dry ingredients and powders too. Save the powder in a glass jar + label it!

For making the hot cacao, use this recipe: 

Spiced Hot Chocolate (Dairy-Free)

1 Tb Hot Chocolate powder from above 

1 Tb Flax Seeds 

1 Tb Vanilla 

1 Tb Honey or Maple Syrup (more/less to taste) 

Heat 2 cups of almond milk (or other favorite nut milk). When it reaches a boil, add the ingredients above; turn off the heat and stir. Add a pinch of cayenne to taste. Add your favorite flower elixir to catalyze the effects you desire. 

*Huge gratitude + shout out to the Juice Bar & Tea Room at Hotel Belmar in Monteverde Costa Rica for sharing the luscious hot chocolate recipe with us! 

Love + flower petals, 

Katie Hess signature LOTUSWEI flower essences