October 24, 2012

You being at your best makes the world a better place.

Make it a priority to re-charge.

Here are some of my favorite ways to keep healthy:

1. Licorice tea.

Boost your adrenals if you’ve been working oh-so-hard lately (usually a frazzled nervous system will weaken your immune system). It’s sweet and yummy and nope, it does not taste like anise. Herbs like licorice and cinnamon fulfill sweet cravings without crashing your immune system. Extra points if you add 5 drops of your favorite flower essence to your tea!

Note: Licorice tea is a tonic for everyone except people with ultra high blood pressure.

2. Eliminate white sugar & white flour from your diet.

It is said that white sugar shuts down the immune system for six hours each time you eat it. For sweeteners try maple syrup instead.

3. Sweat.

Head to the closest sauna, steam room, spa or bathhouse and sweat, sweat, sweat, while drinking tons of water. Alternate with a cool shower every 20 minutes or so if you can. Some spas have day passes, so you can spend a few hours sweating and relaxing.

4. Detox Bath.

Very simple and inexpensive, but very effective: pour a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salts and 2 cups liquid hydrogen peroxide (3% - the kind you get anywhere). This magnificent combination will pull toxins out through your skin, and will relax your muscles.

5. Elderberry Syrup.

One of the most delicious ways to give yourself a boost (and a little less stimulating than echinacea) is with  yummy, sweet berry power. You can either make your own or find is at any health food store or whole foods store. I love the Gaia syrup that's imported from Italy. Take a spoonful every hour if you feel like you're getting a cold.

6. Echinacea.

My favorite is the tincture-filled capsules by Gaia. Take them if you’re feeling like you’re fighting something - at the very beginning of a cold/flu. If you end up getting sick, stop taking the Echinacea--only take it to boost your defenses and prevent getting sick.

7. REST.

This is actually number one on the list. This is the most important one. Really. Resist the urge to have a cup of coffee and plow through the day. Take a nap if you feel like it. And if your power nap turns into three hours, then you probably just prevented yourself from being out sick for a whole week. Think of naps as essential for productivity. Or take a bath in the evening and go to bed early.

Need help getting deep, restful sleep? Go here.

8. Take Sacred Body.

Flower remedies are typically known for focusing on the emotional, mental and energetic bodies. However, Sacred Body works to harmonize the subtle energetic bodies in such a way that it benefits the physical body as well!

With nine special flower & botanical remedies featured in this powerful blend, it catalyzes rapid detox, self-healing & vitality, giving your beautiful, sacred body the support it needs.

What do you do to boost your immune system?

Love + flower petals,