April 03, 2023

This morning I was doing my meditation practices, singing and chanting … when my voice started to falter and skip. I was about to lose my voice.

I get frustrated when this happens!

I immediately reached for three anointing oils. I put a few drops of Truthteller & Sacred Awareness into my hand and applied it directly to my throat.

Instantly easier to make sounds - no more struggle and over-efforting and scratchiness.

Then I put a few drops of Sacred Body into my hand and applied it to the back of my neck.

Instant infusion of vitality & energetic strength.

I have been working with flower essences for 20+ years now, and they never cease to amaze me!

It’s a love affair that never grows old.

With most supplements and homeopathy, it’s subtle to be able to tell the difference in how you feel.

But the fact that you can apply a flower essence oil to your neck and instantly unblock your throat?! Stunning.

If you love to sing or speak publicly – or need to communicate effectively in some way on a daily basis – you’ll want these two blends on hand at all times:

Truthteller & Sacred Awareness.

Elixir, mist, anointing oil or all three, whatever suits your fancy.

The Truthteller scent is citrusy & fresh. The Sacred Awareness essential oil profile is chocolatey & spicy.

I love being able to just apply the anointing oils right to my skin when needed.

But if you want a more consistent infusion, put the elixir in all your water, coffee, tea.

Got a hard conversation to have?

Speaking to a group?

Conversing with your teenager?

Singing a solo in choir?

Hosting a women’s circle?

Want more intimacy in communication with your partner?

Desire more honesty in your interactions?

Feeling like your throat chakra is blocked?

Want to be more fearlessly direct with your speech?

Interested in being more intuitive & speaking more to what people need to hear?

Truthteller & Sacred Awareness.

They will never fail you – and you’ll feel the effects – both immediately and over the long–term.

There is a FREEDOM in being able to open up your throat chakra, your deepest expressions, to let yourself pour out through your mouth in a way that’s true, honest, deep, beautiful and skillful.

Sound good?

Find Truthteller here.
And Sacred Awareness here.

Love & wabisabi words,