February 12, 2016

Looking at this handful of produce ... do you eat this amount of fruits + veggies in your daily diet?

So many of us are so dang busy running our own businesses, taking care of our families, etc, that finding the time to plan + prep our own meals can be a bit tricky. That is why I looove incorporating fresh pressed juice into my day.

One glass ensures I am giving my body the nutrients it needs to keep on going! Because juicing seems like such a big commitment, I was so excited when Jodioffered to share her tricks of the trade with all of us - she really makes taking the leap to juice at home or in the office seem so easy!

This is what Jodi says:

I love this recipe because despite the large amount of greens (3 big handfuls), the added lemon and fruit make it totally palatable and enjoyable. Any kind of citrus is GREAT for masking the bitterness of juiced greens. We added a flower elixir, so that the juice not only nourishes the body - but nourishes state of mind, leaving you feeling crystal clear + meditative.

Ingredients + a few fun facts:

1 APPLE: Aids in detoxifying the body + enhances cardiovascular health.

2 PEARS: Supports healthy skin, hair, bones + blood.

GINGER (thumb-sized): Improves your ability to absorb nutrients + helps with digestion.

2 handfuls SPINACH: Boosts metabolism, immunity + energy.

1 handful KALE: An antioxidant + antimicrobial; boosts immune system. Promotes healthy skin + strong bones.

4 CELERY stalks: Contains high levels of electrolytes + magnesium; helps replenish the hard working body + enhances relaxation.

1 LEMON: Alkalizes the body/balances pH levels + removes toxins from your blood. Acts as brain and nerve food; enhances clarity, focus + quiets the mind.

QUIET MIND FLOWER ELIXIR: Contains flower elixirs that dissolve mental chatter + physical tension; enhances concentration, helps you feel more relaxed + allow yourself to take more breaks.

  • To make cleaning easier, always juice your ginger last because it will clog up the juicer - if you do it in-between other ingredients, you will have to stop and clean it before juicing anything else.
  • Don't throw the pulp in the trash! Sprinkle it on your plants like compost. Just be careful when juicing with ginger - you don't want it to burn your green friends.

QUESTION FOR JODI: What juicer do you recommend?

JODI: The best juicer is a cold press juicer, but they can be rather expressive. Breville is the brand of the juicer I own and cost me about $400. I've had it for about 15 years and the only thing I've ever had to replace is the blade, which was only $40. Breville does make a $99 juicer called the Fountain Compact - it has excellent reviews and is really easy to clean (goes right in the dish washer). You can find this at your local Bed Bath & Beyond.

We also found this post very helpful in narrowing down which one might be right for you!

What other questions do you have for Jodi about Juicing? Ask us in the comments below! :)