May 10, 2024

In this interview with Dr. Bradley Campbell, we chat about:

  • The impact flower essences are making in Dr. Campbell's clinical practice
  • How plants are psychic & can identify the murderer in the room
  • Our funny experiences with the Impatiens flower essence (which is for impatience!)
  • Dr. Campbell's story about how a cat with unruly travel anxiety (that no one could ease) was remedied by the owner healing her own travel anxiety with flower essences!
  • How 'Affirmations' with his patients aren't enough ... and how flower essences are 'ENHANCED Affirmations' that clear energetics from the subconscious body ~ several times a day!
  • Dr. Campbell's excitement on the power of Placebo 
  • What we're hearing from our community that blows our minds: Truthtellerhelping non-verbal Autistic children and Sacred Awareness helping elders who having memory fog or trouble with speech coordination
  • How flower essences melt away the "resting bitch face" -- and how releasing stress from the face has an anti-aging effect. 
  • The reasons we're using of Silver, Gold & Copper hydrosols in our elixirs and why they're featured in different remedies
  • And so much more!

Give it a listen & ping us if you love it!

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Love & flower petals,