April 28, 2018

I LOVE Tai Chi! It is one of the most profound art forms that exists! It is: moving meditation, self defense training, a way of life, finding your center of balance (in all ways), practice in meeting your own shadow, and a movement that enhances your awareness, coordination, intuition and clarity. It is a gentle yet impactful exercise that can be done into your golden elderly years: it benefits your heart, circulation and muscular, bone and joint strength. It teaches you how to gather up chi (lifeforce) directly from Mother Earth and all the elements around you.

I have been practicing Tai Chi off and on for years now and I will practice it for the rest of my life. It is an extremely powerful energetic practice: you are directly working with and circulating the chi of your own body and that of the Earth. It expands your aura and field of awareness, which helps you in so many ways in life, ways that you might not even consider: being better at ‘reading’ people, knowing whether someone has positive/negative intentions more quickly, knowing danger is coming before it even arrives, more powerful speech and energy in general and more. ⠀

I am so lucky to have a Tai Chi teacher who specializes in a very traditional, rare martial form. I interviewed Frank recently on the Flowerlounge Podcast in one of the most heartwarming episodes yet. Highly recommended: GO HERE to listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play!