June 01, 2020

I had an ah-ha moment & I wanted to share it. 

It’s become clear to me -- that I created our flower essence collections in such a way that mirrors the human experience of self-discovery, through flowers.

I didn’t try to do it that way -- it just happened. 

Each time I created a new blend, it was because I personally needed it, and/or our community needed it. Over the years, our flower essence blends have expanded according to our needs as a collective. 

To better understand which flower essences to use when and why, there are three different collections:

  1. Stabilization
  2. Exploration
  3. Liberation

Each collection has a range of intentionality of what it’s highlighting for us. Alternatively, if you want to give a loved one flower essences, this can help you figure out where to start.


The first six blends that we made and released way back in 2010 are the go-to blends for survival. When shit is hitting the fan and taking us off of our center, we can lean on those blends to re-stabilize ourselves. 

For example, earlier this year when I did my TEDx talk, a few hours before the talk, I used Inner Peace for the nervousness that arose out of nowhere and made me have to pee every 10 minutes. I felt myself start to get serious, so I threw Joy Juice in the mix to keep myself light and enjoying the process. And then about an hour before I went onstage, my neck involuntarily seized up and my muscles were as hard as a rock, so I used Quiet Mind. 

Whenever you’re in a situation where you need stabilization, you can lean into the first six blends for foundational stability and to feel good: joy, love, peace, sleep/relax, motivation and vitality. 

Painful periods or need an immune boost? Radiant Energy. Procrastination? Inspired Action. Can’t sleep or tight muscles? Quiet Mind. Being too hard on yourself or feeling angry? Infinite Love. Stressed to the max? Inner Peace. Cranky and uptight? Joy Juice. 

Now your basic emotional needs are met: You’re relatively calm. You’re getting plenty of sleep at night. Your energy levels are great. You’re efficient at work and you feel overall pretty happy. You’re stabilized and ready to go a little deeper … 


The next six combinations are subtler, addressing issues of the heart that you rarely talk about:

Scarcity mentality? Wild Abundance. Heartbreak/rejection/abandonment? Fierce Compassion. Fearlessness, determination, compatibility? Full Bloom. Soften old trauma and discover more meditative spaciousness? Boundless Wisdom. Think outside the box and prepare for explosive growth? Gamechanger. Speak your mind and ask for what you want: Truthteller. 


Expanding on the foundation created by the first twelve blends, you’re ready to reveal subtler and subtler layers of your psyche and experience your: divine feminine, divine masculine, vulnerability/surrender, wild expression, energetic reinforcement and seeing your visions unfold into reality.  

The blends in this collection are: Expansive Presence, with five more blends to come! 

I’ve been working on another one: the 3.0 of Infinite Love. Flower essences? Check. Essential oils? I thought I had the formulation complete, but my best critics at home encouraged me to perfect it with more complexity and sparkle. Stay tuned. 

You may have already seen this video of how the blends from each collection build on each other, from 1.0 Joy Juice to 2.0 Wild Abundance to 3.0 Expansive Presence.  


If you’re ever working with a blend and you experience a little hardship, challenging emotions or a mild healing crisis, you can always go back to the previous collection/s and lean into those to gain more stability. 

Alternatively, if you are working with a single flower elixir and it starts to rock your boat, you can turn to one of these thirteen blends to act as a support for the catalyst that is lasering into a particular pattern within you. 

Feels a bit like the art & science of your own mind, through flowers. 

Don’t hesitate to give yourself the nourishing support you need - lean into the flowers and trust yourself. 

What a beautiful thing to be able to work directly with Mother Nature to discover your own true nature. 

Love + flower petals,