November 21, 2023

General rule of thumb:

If you eat every day, you should shit every day. 

We’ve all been pooping since we were born. That's a known fact. 

Personally, I thought I knew how to poop. 

You get the urge to go.
You go.
And you go until your body feels like it’s totally complete.
End of poop story.

However, there's more to it! If you carve out a few more minutes to do a few simple exercises, you’ll eliminate a whole other level of junk from your body. Over time, this makes a huge difference.

Before I get into sharing this "How to Poop" method, I want to talk about the importance of elimination.

One of the most important ways of cleansing the body to maintain good health is through daily bowel movements. Even if your body doesn't feel the inclination or the urge, we should still be eliminating in this way every day.

It’s like taking out the trash. We don’t let our dirty garbage accumulate in our kitchen – we take it out every day. The same applies to our own bodies. Toxic waste and gases get stuck in the body, and this is how we get it out.

At any age, and any stage of life, this is important. But as we get older, the different systems in our body get a little bit weaker (our muscles, lungs, joints, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines). We especially notice this when we reach the age of 45. So it’s extra important to spend the time needed to tend to the parts of ourselves that work so hard, day in & day out.

Not only is this practice beneficial for our physical health, it’s going to help make our thoughts clearer too. The stuff that sits in our gut is also related to our emotional and mental well-being. Ever heard of the saying that "your gut is your second brain"? By getting the gunk out, we’re freeing ourselves from being entrapped by any of our 'undigested feelings'.

This is why healthy elimination every day is one of the key ways to maintain good physical, mental & emotional health!

If you're an auditory learner, listen to this audio transmission of how to poop:

In the end, I share some other really easy & quick rituals that you can practice in your daily life to increase your elimination.

If you prefer to read the instructions, here's what to do:

1. Squat if you can.

Squatting on the toilet, instead of sitting on it Western-style, helps get everything into proper placement & alignment ~ creating a clear, straight route without kinks or angles.

It might feel funny at first, but you will get used to it. You literally put your feet flat-footed on the toilet seat and pop a squat.

The position is exactly how children squat when they are playing:

Some of us aren't flexible enough to do this right away, but you can stretch & train your muscles (off the toilet!) to work your way to a full squat on the porcelain throne. 

Otherwise, you can start with using a stool for your feet to lift your knees to the sky. 

2. Massage your belly & back.

It's amazing what a little self-massage can do. You can go from not having to go at all, to suddenly feeling the urge to evacuate everything.

When you're squatting or sitting on the toilet, you will massage downwards starting from underneath your ribs to your lower belly.

First, find your heartbeat in the area right underneath your ribs, in the center of your body. Touch in there tenderly to find your heart beat and massage down. Your heart beat will help everything go down smoothly.

With the lower part of both palms, put your hands at your sides just below your ribs, and press towards your belly button & down. You can also get under your ribs with your thumbs. You yourself will know how much pressure to apply.

You might feel air pockets. You might release air. You might hear all kinds of liquid sounds in your belly. By doing this, all the bubbles & pockets of fluid in the intestines will release & come out.

On your lower back where your kidneys are, gently massage in a downward motion. You can use your fingers, lower palm, or even your knuckles.

3. Use the power of your breathe to expel.

While doing all of the massaging, your breathing is very important.

You want to try to expel all of the air that’s in your body through your mouth.

[For more on this particular breathing practice, go here. It’s something you can practice 24/7.]

The breathing & massaging will look like this: Starting at the bottom of your ribs, apply pressure. Inhale. Slowly move your hands down your belly while simultaneously exhaling out your mouth. Breathe out as much as you can; try to get allllll the air out. Compressing your stomach, with the help of gravity, moves things in the right direction: down.

While you're doing this, gently close your anus (this shouldn't feel forceful).

Once you're done massaging, slowwwly release your bum. From here, the idea is not to force anything to come out; no pushing or straining. If you massaged enough, you helped & guided everything to come out naturally & effortlessly. If nothing happens, massage & breathe more.

4. Stimulate your intestines with acupressure points.

Press both of the palms of your hands together. In terms of Reflexology, you have points on your palms that stimulate the stomach & intestines. 

5. Wave your hands in the air! 

This can move & release stuck air in the body. Raise your right hand straight up above your head and wave or shake your hand in the air. Do the same with your left hand.

After you release a load, do 2-5 again! Sometimes you can get 2-3 more loads out. ; )

Lastly, take the time to poop everyday.

Dedicate proper time to do this, rather than just going when you get the urge.

You will be surprised how much you will eliminate if you stay a couple extra minutes to do the massage. You may even poop 3 times in a row!

I didn’t know about this method until my 40’s! I mean, how hard is it to poop? However, this method continues to blow my mind. I think and feel so much clearer.

As with everything we share, try it for yourself and see what works for you.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Happy eliminating! ; )