March 11, 2021

Since I shared about our flower offering celebration later this month, people have asked:

~ What is the benefit of doing a flower offering?
~ How do I do a flower offering?

In short, making offerings of fresh flowers is a long life practice. You may also notice that it instantly transforms the way you feel -- and the way you perceive the world around you.

There are various ways to do flower offerings -- the most important preparation detail is:

***Do not sniff the flowers before you offer them. It’s a bit like stealing the essence of something before you give it … or like eating half the cake before you give it to someone on their birthday. ; )

If you live in the city, you can buy flowers from the flower shop. We usually look for ones that are not pre-arranged as they’ll be lower cost. We typically remove the flowers from their stems and place them in a pretty bowl or bag.

Alternatively, if you live in a rural place with abundant wildflowers, you can pick some flowers for your offering.

Our favorite flower guy at the wholesale flower shop in NYC:

I usually make flower offerings into a body of water: ocean, lake, river or stream. The petals are so pretty and as they float away, it’s as if the water carries your prayers and blessings all around.

If you don’t live around any body of water, you can also sprinkle them on the ground. I usually say prayers or do a little meditation beforehand.

I like to acknowledge why I’m offering flowers and what my intention is.

Then I toss in the flowers! You can do flower offerings to mark special transitions, to make prayers or to express gratitude to all that’s sacred in the world.

It’s a form of devotion - if you wish, you can imagine that you are offering flowers to all beings everywhere, fulfilling their every wish for happiness. It’s that easy!

Join us on March 27th for a collective worldwide flower offering.

We’ll do flower offerings in two different places around the world - you can join us and we’ll make the offering on your behalf, or you can also make an offering simultaneously where you live! More details here.

Love & flower petals,