April 08, 2023

I was working at the office, when I got two wild phone calls.

The first was from my Mom.

Her voice was strained. “Where are you, Katie?!!” she shouted.

“I’m here at the office.” I said.

She asked me 2-3 more times frantically where I was.

I thought maybe she’d gotten into a car accident, or something really terrible had happened.

I kept repeating myself, “I’m here at the office. Where are you? What’s happening?”

“Ohhhh,” she exclaimed. “You’re not in Mexico.”

Relief flooded her voice and she began to tell me the story of picking up the phone to a gruff voice.

He told her that her daughter had seen something she wasn’t supposed to see, and that his boys were not happy.

They were holding me hostage in Mexico, and they wanted $50,000 USD wired to their account or they would kill me.

At that point, he (supposedly) put me on the phone.

Cue a sobbing, terrified girl who sounded just like me:

“Mom, Mom … !”

Followed by the gruff guy demanding her to go to the bank, NOW.

I used to live in Mexico, so … it’s possible, plausible, feasible that I could be there. And in Phoenix, we’re only a few hours from the border.

Alas, I was sitting on the couch at the office.

I was shocked at the level of emotional trauma these scammers were willing to put people through. And the level of theater required for such a scam.

My next question:

“Mom, what flower essences do you have on hand?”

She needed a nervous system reset, stat.

Of course Inner Peace would ground her.

Boundless Wisdom would ensure the traumatic scenario didn’t lodge into the fascia of her body.

But really, just ANY flower essences are good.

The question is: What flower essences do you have on hand?

I realized how important the next point was: If you’re talking to someone who’s under high stress, you need to direct them to go and do it right now, while you’re both on the phone.

Because most of us in shock will say, “Yeah, good idea,” and then forget about it.

Our brains are going a mile and minute and we’re not actually registering information like we usually do. We can’t handle multi-step processes - we can only handle one thing at a time.

So it’s best to stay on the phone, tell them to look for a mist – and mist themselves with it.

Any form of flower essence works, but in acute emotional situations, misting is best because it instantly infuses the entire auric field.

It also gently blasts the face with moisture, aroma and sensation, which helps bring us into our bodies and the present moment.

Five minutes after I hung up with my Mom, my roommate Alison called me.

“I just got into a car accident with your car,” she said.

I’d recently bought a new car & loaned it to her for a weekend trip to Tucson.

Cars are just ‘things’ to me. I didn’t care about the car. I just wanted to know that she and the kids were okay.

Once I knew everyone was fine and no one was hurt, I asked her:

“Do you have flower essences on hand?”

I noticed it was the same question I’d asked my Mom.

In moments like those, the most important thing is to get people back into their bodies. Back into the moment. Grounded and stable, so they can think straight.

Shocking experiences fragmentize our energy and attention.

I remember being on the freeway years ago in rush hour traffic when a huge truck pulled in front of me.

I swerved, lost control, did a 180 and landed in the HOV lane backwards facing four lanes stacked with traffic.

Luckily I hadn’t hit anyone, or the median wall, and I was also fine – just nervous and in shock.

The cars around me made space so I could do a U-turn and get back in the correct direction on the freeway.

As soon as I got to the office, I put a pinch of cayenne under my tongue (when you’re in shock, the cayenne doesn’t feel spicy at all). It jumpstarts your blood like jumping a car battery.

Then I misted myself with flower essences to ground myself into the present moment and reset my energy.

Sometimes it doesn’t even require an accident or trauma to jolt us from our center. Even some intense emotional experiences in life will put us into a state of panic – and twist up our energy centers.

In these times, reach for a mist. If that’s all you do.

Just remember to mist yourself.

If family members have a traumatic experience, calmly instruct them to look for a mist – any flower essence mist – and mist themselves with it, now.

I told my friend & colleague, Dr. Elizabeth, about the scammer & the accident. She shared another helpful trick.

Tap the back of your head or neck to let your body know that whatever you heard or saw is not truth. So that your body doesn’t register the experience.

You can do this for anything: watching a movie, listening to music, someone else talking, etc. It's a way to let your mind know that whatever you heard or saw is rejected as truth. You can also let out a sigh of relief or a deep exhale after doing it.

Use these tools and techniques:
  • Flower Essence Mists
  • Pinch of Cayenne powder under your tongue
  • Tapping the back of your head or neck: It’s not truth

When we – or our family members – get stuck in a looping emotional trauma, whether from acute experiences or from the past, flower essences quickly eject the static from our etheric bodies and bring us into the present moment.

No one ever expects these wild life situations. We cannot predict the future.

My teacher has always said, “Expect the unexpected.”

In that vein, it’s helpful to have a few flower essence mists on hand.

Some of my favs for high-stress situations are:

Inner Peace
Sacred Body
Boundless Wisdom
True Strength
Sacred Heart

But really, anything you have on hand will do in a moment of crisis.

Here’s to gracefully handling the unexpected!

Love & flower petals,