December 26, 2023

See through illusions. Distinguish between what's real & not real. Consider other realities and feel playful & carefree!

Golden Columbine helps us make friends with our inner demons. Rather than allow ourselves to be barraged by negative thoughts and emotions, we can be more matter of fact: “there’s no monster under the bed.” It dissolves self-criticism and fear of judgment for being ugly on the inside. It encourages us to expose ourselves and feel carefree! We’re able to widen our vulnerability, disrobe into our natural, explorative self and accept more love.

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Your own best self-critic and self-judge
  • Scary monster within or inner demons
  • Feeding your negative habits or patterns
  • Your thoughts or self-talk is yelling at you
  • Barraged by thoughts or anticipating fears
  • Vulnerable and wide open
  • Self-punishment or self-blame
  • Being really hard on yourself
  • Emotional shocks or heart palpitations
  • Addiction to expecting – or fearing -- the worst
  • Feeling yucky, icky or ugly


If you’re drawn to the Golden Columbine flower, you may be uprooting and dissolving subconscious fears. These fears are like the ‘monster under the bed’ when we’re kiddos. We fear the unknown. We fear the dark. We fear change. We fear something that we don’t entirely understand or see. Akin to anticipatory fear, it’s a sense of foreboding, anxiety or dread, without clarity.

Being drawn to this flower can also indicate patterns of self-criticism. Do you have a habit of judging, blaming or punishing yourself? Are you at times barraged by negative thoughts and self-talk? Are you often hard on yourself, saying things in your mind that you’d never say to a child or your best friend?

If you harshly judge yourself, you may have fears that people around you will also criticize you. This creates an internal tightness in your muscles & fascia, in a way that restricts you both physically and emotionally.



Activate: Carefree openness
Message: Carefree!

Golden Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha) helps us face the ‘monster under the bed’. It dissolves anticipatory fear and the sense of being ‘exposed’ and vulnerable to some kind of judgment or misunderstanding. It helps us expand, explore and widen our perspective and realm of possibilities. Rather than assume that the unknown, the ‘dark’ and the change are always ‘bad’, we can open our minds and hearts to the possibility of it being a positive experience.

Free of the inner critic, we can disrobe to our natural self and allow ourselves to be seen as we are. We feel more comfortable with ourselves and can let the creative & expressive juices flow. We can relax into the spotlight more easily, feeling carefree and down-to-earth. As we dissolve the habit of self-criticism, we feel more at home in our bodies and can receive more love.

We realize, as a barrage of thoughts & emotions passes through us, it has no grip or control over us. We open up and become more playful. We burn up the poison the plagues us inside and the inner demons or monsters simply dissolve. In this case, ‘inner demons’ can simply be states of mental, emotional or energetic discomfort that we don’t entirely understand.

If our support system appears to change shape, we don’t feel abandoned or afraid, because we’re able to gently turn toward our fears and see through them. We can look at the ‘monsters’ of our own thoughts, worries and fears and realize that they are not real. Life appears to be conspiring for us, in order to help dissolve our fears and empower us. Our addiction to a negative outlook turns into expecting the best-case scenario.

In the case of emotional shocks, this elixir brings in a soothing, steadying energy. It balances the heart after any kind of interruption in electrical impulse or communication within the heart center.


The Golden Columbine flower grows in the southwestern U.S., in damp places in states of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. This particular flower was collected on the banks of a natural spring in the middle of the Sonoran desert.

The flowers have five petal spurs that are said to resemble eagle talons, thus its latin name (looks like a Chinese fighting fish from the side to me!). These long petal spurs can be pollinated by the hawk moth; hummingbirds & butterflies also love this flower.

Also known as the ‘Yellow Queen’ Columbine, it’s slightly fragrant, and blooms in spring & summer. If you’d like to plant this flower in your garden, it makes a nice border, because rabbits and deer do not munch - they ignore it!

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Feeling carefree; Comfort & expansion; Safety & sunshine; Seeing through illusion

DISSOLVES: Self-criticism & self-judgment; Fear of the unknown, darkness, change; Loud inner demons or states of inner discomfort; Emotional shock


Awakened Perception helps us turn toward our greatest worst-case scenarios and courageously face the truth. We become more discerning and are able to see through the illusion of our fears. We experience more pleasure and uninhibited freedom through authenticity. We can let down our guard & be who we’re here to be, without distraction.



Love + flower petals,