January 05, 2018

Do you constantly feel fatigued or have low energy levels?

Yarrow flower essence can help balance and revitalize you, especially after longtime phone and computer use, travel and exposure to various forms of radiation.

It clears our energetic field so we can access our natural clarity and vitality. And because we are now ALL inundated with subtle forms of energetic saturation throughout our daily life, we infuse Yarrow flower essence into every single one of our LOTUSWEI formulas!

yarrow flower essence elixir lotuswei energy fatigue radiation

The first time I saw Yarrow, I didn’t know what I was looking at. A shiny snake had slithered out of the embankment and glided in a squiggly line right in front of my toes, sneaking out of sight under a patch of plants with beautiful white flowers. The snake led me to the renowned Yarrow plant, of which I made a flower essence.

During the first five years of using this flower elixir in formulations, few Americans were visually drawn to it. When I went to Japan in 2013, however, I was astounded to see that nearly every person I asked in Tokyo picked Yarrow among the top 3 flowers (out of 24) they were attracted to. I hypothesized that low levels of radiation present in the environment since the Fukushima disaster had created a greater need for Yarrow flower elixir in Japan.

In the last year I’ve noticed that many people in the United States are now attracted to this flower, too. My theory in the U.S. is that our love for electronic devices is finally catching up with us, resulting in a greater need for Yarrow’s specialty: energetic balancing and revitalization.

Recent studies show that we check our smartphones over 150 times each day and spend on average 3 hours daily on the phone. This happens anywhere, including in our beds, in the bathroom, or when we’re having a meal with someone. In addition, the average person spends about 5 hours each day on some kind of screen, totaling around 150 hours per month, almost equivalent to a full-time job. Whether surfing the Internet, posting on social media, streaming movies or reading on a device, most of us are “plugged in” much of the day.

yarrow lotuswei flower essence elixir radiation energy fatigue
What It Reveals

If you are attracted to Yarrow, you may find yourself working long hours on the computer and cell phone, which may cause fatigue and drain your energy levels. Or if you have been traveling long distances by airplane, you may experience a lack of vitality due to the natural radiation in the upper atmosphere. Another reason for being attracted to the Yarrow flower is exposure to other kinds of radiation, in cancer treatments or nuclear reactor sites.

If the drain on your energy has nothing to do with electronics, you may live in a large city or work in an environment packed with people that leave you energetically saturated. This is especially true for empaths; for people in high-touch professions, such as massage therapists, estheticians, hair stylists, and barbers; and for people whose professions include extensive listening, such as therapists, counselors, or customer-service representatives.

yarrow flower essence elixir lotuswei energy fatigue radiation
What It Catalyzes
Activate: Recharge
Message: Do a digital detox.

Yarrow flower elixir cleanses the body’s energetic field of the static and fatigue that occur after spending long hours in front of any kind of electronic screen (desktop, laptop, tablet, television, smartphone) or in the upper atmosphere on airplane flights.

Yarrow also clears the excess or foreign energies that build up in the energetic field from urban life, being around a lot of people, and excessive physical contact with others, such as shaking hands or hugging. In these situations, the body’s energetic field gets saturated or clogged, leading us to feel dull, stagnant, or irritable. Yarrow essence clears our energetic field, so we can access our natural clarity and vitality.

yarrow flower essence elixir lotuswei energy fatigue radiation


Yarrow flowers are highly fragrant clusters of tiny white blossoms with bright yellow centers. Yarrow is native to the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, Asia and North America.

Among Yarrow’s many virtues, it has deep roots and mineral-rich leaves that prevent both soil erosion and the loss of nutrients in the soil. It’s also a good companion plant, attracting insects that prey on pests that destroy neighboring plants. Yarrow is a favorite flower for butterfly gardens; butterflies love it.

Yarrow’s Latin name, Achillea millefolium, refers to a mythical Greek character named Achilles who used Yarrow to heal battle wounds. Yarrow is known not only for healing broken tissues and abrasions, but also as a valuable medicinal herb that reduces fevers, encourages clotting, lowers blood pressure, stimulates circulation, and acts as a diuretic and a digestive tonic. Yarrow is also a catalyst herb, enhancing the medicinal qualities of all the other herbs with which it is compounded.

Native Americans used Yarrow for pain, such as toothaches and fever aches. The Zuni peoples made a poultice with Yarrow and water as a preparation for fire walking or fire eating, to reduce inflammation and heal burns.

Yarrow is considered a sacred herb, protecting those who carry it from negativity, and even birds line their nests with it to prevent parasites. Additionally, Yarrow essential oil, obtained from steam distillation, is the most exquisite royal blue color and is used in skin care as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Though historically Yarrow is most widely known as a medicinal herb, it was also used as a food, beloved in the 1600s. The leaves were cooked as a vegetable or made into a soup that had a slightly bitter taste.

WARNING: Be very cautious if foraging Yarrow in the wild. Do not confuse it with the highly poisonous Water Hemlock—which looks similar, like an umbrella of white flowers. If you want to cook with Yarrow, it is safest to grow it yourself.

yarrow flower essence elixir lotuswei energy fatigue radiation

In Essence

MagnifiesRevitalization of body and mind after exposure to electronics + busy modern life; energy and clarity of mind; radiance of the skin

DissolvesToxic, negative, or foreign energies in your energetic field; fatigue from computer and cell phone use, television, and air travel; energetic saturation from urban lifestyle, office work, crowds, or high-touch profession

Have you ever worked with the Yarrow plant as a flower essence or herb? What kind of results did you experience? I would love to know!

Love + flower petals,