November 29, 2016

Is something in your life changing in a big way?

The White Magnolia flower essence is indicated for times of flux, helping you:

  • Undergo major transitions like birth + death or times when you feel that an aspect of yourself is dying or being reborn.
  • Release worry + come to peace with the way things are and what’s to come.
  • Awaken a part of yourself that is all-knowing and aware of divine timing.
White Magnolia is also found in our Boundless Wisdom blend

White magnolia Boundless wisdom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

I remember the first time I fell in love with the White Magnolia flower. I was taking a 10-day intensive of Botanical Perfumery in San Francisco in the attic of an 80-something-year-old botanical perfumer. When the hundreds of essential oils we were working with filled up every molecule in our noses, we were instructed to stick our heads out the windows to clear our heads.

I was working on a floral perfume and I took a break, walking to the front of the house and sticking my head out the window. In a second a spicy floral scent filled my nose and replaced what I was working on. I realized that the window was right at the level of the huge White Magnolia blossoms of the trees that lined the street of my teacher’s house. The tops of the leaves were a shiny, waxy green, with soft, brown, velvet undersides. The flowers were huge white cups—exotic and spicy in aroma. In a synchronistic way, it had similar elements to the perfume I was working on; as I was working I tried to bring in more qualities of the flower into what I was making.

I didn’t make a flower essence of the White Magnolia flower, however, until I was on the island of Bermuda ~ read more on that trip here. There I found a huge White Magnolia tree in the Bermuda Botanical Garden. This Magnolia tree was special—unlike any other Magnolia I’d ever seen. It was perfectly radiant and pure.

What It Reveals

If you feel attracted to Magnolia, you may feel like something in your life is changing in a big way. Magnolia offers a chance to slow down, feel more in tune, accept the unknown, and trust that all will be well. Magnolia clears away negativity, darkness, extraneous thoughts, and fears (including fears about death and the afterlife or a part of ourselves dying).

When we’re attracted to White Magnolia, it’s because there’s a natural process that’s happening in our lives that we’re fighting. Aging, for example, is something that we often resist. Instead of recognizing that our bodies change over time, we wish them to be as they were in our younger years, and we either live in a fantasy world or push our physical limits too far—even to the point of injury.

When we’re afraid of change, of losing something that’s important to us or feeling fearful of being separated from a loved one, White Magnolia is indicated. We may find ourselves worrying about the future, which causes us to miss out on the present, inviting disappointment or a sense of missed opportunity. If we can relax into the way things are and how they are evolving, we can find peace and magic in the moment, no matter what might change in the future.


What It Catalyzes

Activate: Spiritual fulfillment
Message: You are divine.

The White Magnolia holds itself open like a gentle cup from which to drink,  inspiring us to look beyond the obvious and see what’s deeper. Magnolia helps us to experience profound peace and spiritual fulfillment. It frees us from worry, and awakens the part of us that is all-knowing and aware of divine timing.

Magnolia helps us come to peace with the way things are and what’s to come, making space for gentle transformations. For that reason, Magnolia flower is supportive for major transitions like birth and death, or for those times when we feel that an aspect of ourselves is dying or being reborn.

White Magnolia is also part of our Boundless Wisdom collection!

Flower Freak Details

One of the most unique aspects of the White Magnolia tree flower (Magnolia grandiflora) is its age! It is older than the bees! Always having been pollinated by beetles, the petals of the White Magnolia flower are super tough—enough to withstand all that beetle activity. The Magnolia species is around 95 million years old!

There are many kinds of Magnolias, found mainly in two separate geographical areas: Asia and the Americas. The bark and flower buds of Magnolia officinalis have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, with a huge range of benefits. Japanese scientists have found constituents in Magnolia bark that are 1,000 times more potent in antioxidant activity than Vitamin E, as well as being powerful anti-stress and cortisol-reducing (weight loss) remedies, restoring brain chemical balance and reducing inflammation.

The Magnolia grandiflora is native to the Americas. It is HUGE, with creamy white petals and rich green leaves that have dark brown velvet on the undersides. This White Magnolia is supremely fragrant with a spicy floral scent.


White magnolia Boundless wisdom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

What People Are Saying

"I think of all elixirs, this may be my favourite, and one I’m most drawn to. I paired it with other elixirs and with it reached the core and deepest level of healing on some issues. I feel a great sense of peace and oneness while taking this elixir. Its effects are profound." —CMT

"I purchased this elixir after being given the Wei chocolates. I can definitely feel a sense of peace and a weight off my shoulders when using the Magnolia essence. I had a friend try a few drops as well and she said she could immediately feel the difference." —Jenn

"Over the course of taking this elixir I noticed a trend in myself towards inner listening and letting my days be guided by an inner sense of knowing. It was a movement away from mind- or thought-based living to letting myself be guided by a greater awareness. The overall effect was one that was deeply soothing and deeply settling." —Margaret

"I saw a tree with the most beautiful large flowers blooming, and wasn't sure what it was. I soon learned it was a White Magnolia, which led me here. I've only been taking it for 10 days, but I do find that it has assisted in cultivating a peacefulness and groundedness in the day to day. Thank you!" —Rebecca

"The Magnolia is the flower that I associate with my maternal grandmother, playing in huge Magnolia trees and reading up in the branches, the unique sound of 'splashing' around in the leaves that fell to the ground around them at their home in Ruston, Louisiana. I chose this elixir as a highly personal companion while engaging in ancestral journey work and it was a huge support in what was at times a very emotional process. Taking this elixir daily while focusing on my own ancestral work helped me stay especially open to imagery and memories." —Kristi Lee

In Essence

Magnifies: Awakening highest aspirations; deep peace, spiritual fulfillment, acceptance; ability to sense the divine in every moment

Dissolves: Negativity, darkness; extraneous thoughts; fears, including fears about death 


boundless wisdom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences


Infused with flower essences for mindful awareness, synchronicity & sacred perspective, Boundless Wisdom helps us look beyond the obvious & perceive the preciousness of every moment.



Love + flower petals, 

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI