January 30, 2019


Venus Flytrap helps us get crystal clear on what it is that we want and create the right conditions for making it happen - our actions match our priorities. Then, just as the plant waits in stillness to attract a fly, we are able to rest in clarity so we may snap into action when the right opportunities arise. Inspiring laser focus and certainty, Venus Flytrap instills us with the ability to jump into electric action at just the right moment.


Sacred Awareness heightens your awareness, refines your intuition & catalyzes awakening. Infused with 9 flower remedies for interconnectedness, electric communication & devotion, it helps us take greater risks and get outside of our comfort zones, because we are in tune with ourselves, our loved ones and our surroundings in a different way.


Collection Story

I fell in love with a Venus Flytrap at a local plant shop and was captivated by this funny little plant. I brought it home to enjoy and, within a few weeks, I was amazed when it bloomed. So I collected the essence of its sweet little white flower. Later I found out that it is extremely rare for them to bloom out of the wild!

venus flytrap flower essence

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to Venus Flytrap, you may have a tendency to get caught in the busy-ness of the day-to-day activities, when what’s most needed is to align your actions with your biggest, most important priorities.

There may be too much ‘going with the flow’ that lacks clarity of direction, when what’s most needed is for you to put your hands on the wheel and take charge. However, this kind of taking charge is ‘from the inside out’. You’ll be feeling your way through it, just as the Venus Flytrap senses the stimulus that lands into its pod.

venus flytrap flower essence

What the Elixir Catalyzes
Activate: Electric action
Message: Jumpstart your life

Venus Flytrap inspires us to rest in stillness and get crystal clear on what we want and what our priorities are. From there we can match our actions with our priorities, or create the right conditions to attract what we want. We’re no longer engaged in busy-ness, we don’t have to go out searching to ‘make it happen’ - the conditions we’ve created attract what we need.


venus flytrap flower essence

Once we’ve created these conditions, when the right opportunity arises (one that feels like a TEN), we snap into electric action without hesitation. We can take advantage of right timing with confidence, clarity, immediacy and laser focus.

Why it’s Special

The Venus Flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is native to a small area of marshlands in North Carolina. Over the past few decades, fascination with the plant led to over-picking; now it's classified as vulnerable and it’s a felony to remove them from their native soil!

Contrary to the name, Venus Flytrap’s most common prey is ants and other small crawling insects, which it attracts with a sweet smelling nectar. Due to the vast amount of energy required in digestion, the insects must trigger the ‘hairs’ a minimum of 5 times for the trap to close. The electrical signals these hairs transmit to the plant are so highly evolved, it can tell whether the stimulus is alive or inert (like raindrops), as well as whether the size of the insect will provide enough nutrition to be worth the effort.

venus flytrap flower essence

As for flowering, Venus Flytrap will only bloom when the conditions are just right - the perfect humidity, temperature, sunlight + season. It takes so much energy to bloom that the plant goes into a state of recuperation for nearly a year! In the wild, Venus Flytrap will generally make it through this weakened state, but when cultivated they rarely do.

venus flytrap flower essence

Venus Flytrap’s “beautiful appearance of its milk-white flowers, and the elegance of its leaves” are the official botanical reasons for being named after the goddess of love. However, many botanists and naturalists believe the pod, with it’s sensitive hairs & rosy hue, reminded early explorers of lady parts.

venus flytrap flower essence

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Electric action; attraction, clarity of purpose
DISSOLVES: Hesitation; lackadaisical attitude; getting caught in busy-ness


Along with being one of the flowers featured in the Sacred Awareness Collection, Venus Flytrap is also available as a single elixir.

Because each flower has its own unique specialty, single flower elixirs can target very specific patterns. The effects of single flower elixirs are often more subtle, yet they go deeper, hitting the bullseye. While it may take longer to discern the shifts taking place, the effects can be profound.



Love + flower petals,