April 26, 2017

Are you yearning to recreate yourself?

The Shell Ginger flower essence can help you:

  • Liberate a whole new level of creativity.
  • Tap into your wild, uninhibited imagination.
  • Magnetize the elements + energetics to "see" and "feel" your vision into reality.
Shell Ginger is found in our Inner Knowing blend

What It Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Shell Ginger flower, you may be yearning to recreate yourself or an aspect of yourself. Rather than follow a prescribed path or the way that things have typically operated, you may have a vision for a new way burning inside you. YOU are the person to bring this new idea to light. YOU are the one to bring a new expression into the world.

There may be a fire burning inside you that is simply asking you to follow + express it, learning as you go. Oftentimes, blazing a new trail or pioneering a new concept is either discovered step by step, on the fly or created collaboratively, as you can try new things and quickly assess what does/doesn’t work + what feels aligned/not aligned in your body.

By "feeling" your way into the future, you can use your body as a gauge to the new way of the future. If you are a visual person, you can also "see" your ideas into reality, by visualizing them and how they "feel" in your body. What colors, sounds, surroundings, textures, music, environments, moods, words, lighting or other sensory imagery delight you? Follow that which feels the best in your body—that which your body perceives as wonder! Follow your curiosity, ask questions that don't need to be answered yet … and watch it all unfold.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Embodiment
Message: Make it real. Make your dream a reality.

The Shell Ginger flower elixir liberates a whole new level of creativity, both in terms of innovation, as well as the way the ideas are brought to fruition. Rather than following a template or norm, it’s about visualizing out-of-the-box possibilities and "seeing" and "feeling" them into reality. Shell Ginger stimulates a rush of new ideas and solutions, which come from within.

Rather than be meek, timid, closed down or bending to the weight of a world of limitation, Shell Ginger elicits wild, uninhibited imagination. By helping us "feel" the vision in our bodies, we not only align it with our innermost essence + qualities, but also magnetize the elements + energetics to turn our vision into 3D reality. It helps us transform outer circumstances through an inner embodiment of our vision.

Put more simply, Shell Ginger helps us bring new concepts into the world from the inside out. By "seeing" and "feeling" our visions into our bodies, we plant the seeds for the future by making it real on the inside. We must see it to believe it; Shell Ginger helps us more clearly see in our mind’s eye, the depths of our own personal innovation + ultimate creative capacity.

It dissolves the tendency to stay stuck in the past or in a limited belief system. It also cuts through the habit of being distracted by others’ lack of imagination OR their limited view/ability to see potential as you see it. It exhausts the habit of staying hidden and brings to the surface a strong inclination + focus on what’s possible. It expands our energy and capacity to envision and allow that vision to be made manifest.

Shell Ginger magnifies stability, strength, inner support, vision, clarity and ability to see the future in a forward-thinking way. It helps us birth fresh, vibrant new ideas rapidly, without inhibition. It also strengthens the energetically feminine aspects of creativity and creation through embodiment and magnetism/attraction/alignment.

The perfect elixir to take while envisioning the future or a new way of being/operating, it unearths from within us a new map or framework for the future or new concepts/expressions. It helps us embody our vision, helping everything reveal itself and become much more clear. It also helps us be more patient, in order to allow things to unfold, as well as identify right timing.

Flower Freak Details

Commonly known as ginger lilies, the Shell Ginger plant (Alpinia zerumbet) is native to Asia. It grows in tropical and subtropical climates. As a member of the ginger family, it is highly aromatic due to its essential oils. It’s pollinated by bees, birds + bats and is an especially beautiful flower: in its bud form it looks like pink, white and grayish shells, and when it opens up into full bloom, the inside of the flower is a fiery explosion of hot red + electric yellow!

shell ginger LOTUSWEI flower essence naples botanical garden

In Essence

Magnifies: "Seeing" into believing: see beyond, see the future, make it real; liberation of creative energy; embodiment of vision

Dissolves: Being meek, timid, closed down, hidden within self; scarcity model/mind-set; bending to the weight of the world + how things "are"; stagnancy, staying stuck in the past; limited views, especially being influenced by others' limitations or lack of imagination + way of seeing the world 

inner knowing LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir
The Shell Ginger flower essence is found in our Inner Knowing blend

Inner Knowing allows you to hear and listen to your own inner compass with lucid clarity. You don’t need to intellectually ponder anything—you can trust your direct access to the inner knowing inside you. And you begin to realize that what’s best for you is actually what’s best for everyone else. 

Love + flower petals,

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