June 16, 2017

Are you ready to experience the sweet feeling of perfect timing + things falling into place?

The Saraca flower helps you experience the natural rhythms of life so you can:

  • Gently support and nurture yourself without rushing.
  • Dissolve fears of running out of time, feeling stuck or spinning out of control.
  • Supercharge your creative visioning and the ability to know the next steps of creating your ideal life.

Saraca flower is found in our Open Heartblend.

The Saraca flower elixir we made was of a specially created hybrid grown by Brian Gallagher at the Naples Botanical Garden, with the latin name of Saraca rebecca ~ named after his wife.

What It Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Saraca, you may have felt stuck, stagnant or as though there is not enough time for what you want to create. You may feel worried, impatient, strained or that you are rushing. You may be experiencing a chaos, lack of safety or a sense of spinning out of control. There may be an area of your life that you have the nagging sense that it’s not how you want it to be (even if you don’t yet know what is you dowant).

Ironically, with high aspirations it is also common to feel stuck in the mud, due to the overwhelm of wanting to accomplish so much, but feeling like it cannot be accomplished fast enough.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Alignment
Message: Embrace the natural rhythms of life. 

Saraca flower helps us sink into the groove of experiencing the natural rhythms of life. Rather than feel a sense of lack around time, it awakens within us a deep valuation of what we already currently offer to the world (versus constantly focused on what we’ve not accomplished yet and how little time there is).

It helps us give birth to great ideas that will create a ripple effect of positivity around the world. It assists us in seeing what we currently offer to the world, along with the ability to more clearly bring our projects and aspirations to fruition going forward.

While cherishing what we offer, it helps us gently support and nurture our ideas (without rushing). It brings out motherly qualities in us, like a peaceful, loving, calming, enduring and safe approach, helping us slow down in order to do things correctly. We get a sense that we have all the time in the world—that by taking our time, our activities and their end-game results can be more effective and meaningful.

Though this elixir can assist in processes of fertility and birthing, more commonly it can be used for creative visioning processes and the simple ability to know the next steps of creating your ideal life, without the fear of running out of time, feeling stuck or spinning out of control.

Fun Flower Facts

Originally found only in India, the Saraca tree (Saraca asoca) is commonly known as the Ashoka tree. It is a rainforest tree and though there are cultivated varieties, the original wild ashoka trees of India are rare and precious. The flowers of this tree are brightly-colored red, orange and yellow flowers, blooming during the springtime.

Ashoka is considered to be a sacred tree throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It is commonly planted around temples and royal palace gardens as a beautiful flower offering.

When Sakyamuni Buddha was born (5th century BCE, the founder of Buddhism), his mother, Maya, grabbed a branch from the Saraca tree as she went into labor, giving birth to Sakyamuni while standing and holding the branch for support.

There are mythological beings associated with this tree called yakshis and yakshinis, said to be ancient tree deities of fertility. These beings are always found at the base of an Ashoka/Saraca tree, and are found depicted in paintings and statues at the gates of both Buddhist and Hindu temples.

In Hinduism the Ashoka tree is also considered sacred, revered in the first month of the Hindu calendar, or Chaitra. It is also said to be related to Kamadeva, a god of love, and is mentioned throughout Hindu religious poetry and love poems, with more than 16 different names in Sanskrit for the tree and its beautiful flowers.


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What People Are Saying

"This one took a little longer for me to realize its effects. I have had a few epiphanies in the last week or so and have truly been getting to the heart of what matters to me. I'm letting go of old beliefs and even decluttering my home. I'm making plans (which is honestly new for me, I'm more 'Let's see what happens') and I'm re-evaluating goals/dreams. New creative pursuits are catching my interest. I feel a rebirth of sorts. My outside world still looks the same, but my inner world has been set on fire, in a good way. I feel like I'm shedding an old skin and I feel like it's all in divine timing. I feel like everything is going to work out and that's when I realized the power of Saraca. It has completely shifted me. I'm in the middle of a 180 and I have this elixir to thank!" —Stephanie

"Since taking this elixir every day, multiple times a day under the tongue or in my water, I have noticed many instances of 'perfect timing.' People are even using that expression more around me in wonder and amazement. I will show up right at the same time as someone else or start driving at the exact minute I wanted to leave the house. I have also been working on a new skill and I have noticed the inclination to ask more questions and not get ahead of myself and accidentally create more work by doing it incorrectly." —Sara Eddison

In Essence

Magnifies: Deep valuation of current offerings; bringing new ideas to fruition with perfect timing; gentle support + nurturing; slowing down to do things correctly

Dissolves: Worry, impatience, rushing; feeling stuck, stagnant, dragging, or drudgery; going against the natural rhythms of life; sense of chaos or spinning out of control

open heart LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir

Infused with a flower essences for vulnerability, freedom & heart alignment, Open Heart helps us dive deep into vulnerability, seeing the truth, slowing down enough to address what IS—and having the energy to maintain a child-like curiosity with even the most challenging aspects of our lives.

Love + flower petals,