August 11, 2012

Do you often feel shy or hesitant or settle for less than exactly what you want?

The Royal Poincianacan enhance certitude, assurance, and confidence, helping you to:

  • Awaken a deep conviction + strength to go after the things you know you deserve.
  • Set better boundaries so you avoid playing small or getting taken advantage of.
  • Eliminate doubt + hesitation and be direct, forthright and bold in your communications + actions.
Royal Poinciana is found in our Truthteller blend


The first time I saw the Royal Poinciana tree, I was in the botanical gardens on the island of Bermuda. I was there for a work trip, training at the Fairmont Southampton Spa with Lisa from Wei of Chocolate. After several rounds of spa trainings, we found ourselves with an extra day to explore the island.

So we rented motorbikes (the most common form of transportation in Bermuda) and took our pre-requisite 20-minute turbo training in driving on the opposite side of the road. “Stay to the left!” was my mantra under my little metal helmet as we cruised around.

Read more about that trip here.

We drove into the Botanical Gardens, parked our bikes and removed our helmets. Off in the distance was one of the most beautiful flowering trees I’d even seen. From where I was it looked like a massive tree on fire. It was covered in huge flowers of an explosively bright red color—almost too bright to look at without sunglasses.

As we were taking photographs of the tree and its flowers, a couple drove up on their motorbike, and the gentleman said he had grown up on the island and this was his first time back to visit in 20 years. He brought his girlfriend along and was showing her this tree, as it was so significant to him while growing up.

Out of all the beautiful flowers I saw in Bermuda, Royal Poinciana was one that caught my eye, not only because it was stunningly beautiful, but because I wanted to share with everyone the essence of what it feels like to be in Bermuda.

From driving motorbikes to swimming in underground caves to listening to the sound of the frogs sing at night—this flower seemed to mimic the confidence and exhilarating fearlessness I felt while I was there.


Royal Poinciana tree flower LOTUSWEI flower essences bermuda

What It Reveals

If you're attracted to the Royal Poinciana flower, there may be times that you keep quiet or settle for less than exactly what you want. You may feel shy or hesitant, or beat around the bush. If you don't get what you want, you may feel apathetic, thinking to yourself, "Oh well, next time."

Now is the time to get our of your own way and cut through fears and hesitations, or insecurities about whether or not you "deserve" it. Ask for what you want. Worst-case scenario, you get a "no."

Be direct. Ask for things that would normally be our of your comfort zone. Refuse to allow any mundane policies, gatekeepers, naysayers, or small thinkers to say no or create obstacles to achieving what you want. Respectfully, refuse to take no for an answer.

If there's something you've been thinking about, now is the time to go for it! If you need support, do whatever it is you need to get it. Allow yourself to be driven by your conviction and your wish to benefit others. Dismiss negative thinking on your part or anyone else's.


What It Catalyzes

Activate: Conviction
Message: Ask for what you want.

Royal Poinciana flower enhances certitude, assurance and confidence. It eliminates doubt and hesitation by awakening clarity and an earnest conviction about the choices we make.

It helps us to go out on a limb and request things we normally wouldn't request. Instead of being nervous or feeling like we're "making a big deal," Royal Poinciana allows us to feel we deserve the best and more—and gives us the strength to go after it.

This fiery flower essence also helps us with boundary setting, making sure we don't play small or get taken advantage of. It encourages us to be direct, forthright and bold in both our communications and actions. It helps us be more in tune with our wildest aspirations and awakens a deep conviction that we can make them real.

Royal poinciana Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences


Also known as Flame Tree, the Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) tree is native to Madagascar, where the wild tree is endangered as it is being cut down for firewood. Luckily it’s cultivated all over the world, not only in Bermuda, but also in Asia, where it has names like "Phoenix Tail" and "Peacock Tree," In Central America, it’s called "Call of the Forest" and in the Caribbean it’s called "Flamboyant," a synonym for exuberant, confident, lively, animated, vibrant, stylish and vivacious (this gives you a clue into what the flower is for).

The flowers are wildly beautiful with colors ranging from the brightest of yellows to the most fiery scarlet and crimson. The trunk of the tree twists around into human-like poses, some displaying sensuous curves of a woman’s hip or branches that look all arms and legs.

The leaves are an exquisite bright green in a lacy, fern-like formation, draping down toward the ground. I was quite surprised, because I’ve never seen a tree where the trunk and the leaves are just as intriguing as the flowers. At dusk the delicate leaves fold up for the night.


 Royal poinciana Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

What People Are Saying

"I love all of my flower elixirs but this one is my special favorite. It's really helped me overcome certain barriers in communication and self-expression, and restored a sense of confidence that had been damaged by an extensive period of social isolation. This elixir makes it easier to step into my power and become the person I'm meant to be. I'm so grateful to have it!" —Kelly S.

"I remember seeing this flower on a blog post and was instantly attracted to it. Awhile later I was taking the elixir and it was just what I needed. It helped me to stand in my power, be bold, and unafraid to speak my mind. It helped me to finish projects that I had been putting off and get more done in general. I loved taking this elixir!" —Celia

"I have been taking this alongside Luscious Embodiment. (I think the two work really well together.) Royal Poinciana has helped me to stop being so 'back and forth.' I've really stepped into my own. I'm more confident in my choices. I was so paralyzed with making the wrong choice, that I ended up not making any choice at all. This elixir has helped me to choose a path and to do it without hesitation. I feel more sure of myself. I feel like a part of me has come out of a deep sleep. I feel like I'm active in my life again and not just on autopilot." —Stephanie

"I got this elixir as part of a protocol to push through finishing my master's degree, specifically my thesis. I have often experienced times of doubting my abilities and this causes stress in completing things. Without the energetic backing of this elixir, I would have crumbled much more than I have in one of my classes! I have made it through the most challenging section and am ready and motivated to complete this! My voice is more direct and clear both personally and professionally. I have been addressing difficult things with more ease and also letting things go that really do not apply to me, even if they are being directed at me by others. SO freeing! I am also very clear that I will not do any more traditional education degrees or studies and will focus more on my style of energetic and hands-on healing work with clients on trauma and be my witchy self without those limiting confines! Thank you, LOTUSWEI." —Sarah


In Essence

Magnifies: Clarity, decisiveness, sharpness, laser focus for attaining goals; asking for what you want without hesitation; thinking big, taking on challenges, "whatever it takes" conviction

Dissolves: Lack of clarity, dullness, lackadaisical (or lazy) attitude; meekness, timidity, lack of self-worth or deep-seated patterns of “I don’t deserve ..."; unworthiness, shame


Infused with a bouquet of the most powerful flowers for speaking your truth,this powerhouse blend helps us be more confident to ask for exactly what we want, without fears, hesitations or insecurities about whether or not you "deserve" it. It allows us to be driven by our conviction & wish to benefit others and go after the things we've been "just thinking" about going after. It strengthens our ways of expression that enhances engagement with others and gives us courage to speak freely about what's inside of us.⠀

truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences


Love + flower petals,