August 12, 2012

Do you experience chronic stress or always feeling behind on things?

The Rattlesnake flower essence can help you:

  • Purge chronic, low-level tension, allowing for more enjoyment and peacefulness.
  • Cut through "what if"-type thought forms + tension around having to be "nice" all the time.
  • Discharge energetic toxins and sink into deep relaxation.


Several years ago I discovered Rattlesnake Euphorbia growing all over the ground at our office. It’s a ground cover that looks like a vine and spreads out, hugging the earth with its green and red stems and tiny red and white flowers.

Rattlesnake Euphorbia is one of those flowers that’s easy to miss. Most people would consider it a "weed," but weeds are simply plants whose special qualities have not yet been recognized. Subsequently, weeds are oftentimes the most-needed remedies—that’s why they persistently spring up in backyards, alleys, outside our windows and in our lawns.

What it Reveals

If you're attracted to the Rattlesnake flower, you may be experiencing chronic stress and constant low-level tension, one that you’ve experienced over such a long period of time, you may not even be aware of because it is "normal." It shows up as pressure, deadlines and an unhealthy urgency.

This can manifest as low-level worry, overwhelm and unknowingly overthinking the little stuff. You might be feeling like you're in constant overdrive, trying to do too much and worrying about what other people think or need.

Constantly feeling behind and always looking at your to-do list, you may think there isn't time to celebrate accomplishments and successes or reflect happily about your contribution in life. Or worse, think there is nothing to celebrate!

Different from acute stress, it is kind of like a background noise that you’re not aware of until it ceases. This kind of tension is especially amplified for certain professionals like entrepreneurs, teachers, police, ER, doctors, journalists or anyone stressed about timing and deadlines. This also applies to anyone under constant pressure to perform.


rattlesnake euphorbia flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Catalyzes

Activate:Deep relaxation
Let go.

Just like Rattlesnake Euphorbia is a plant known for purging the body of toxins and poisons, its quality as a flower essence is to purge the mind. A valuable remedy for our modern daily life, it purges chronic, low-level tension, allowing for more enjoyment and peacefulness. You can be more adaptable and ready for what life presents you. There is a seemingly effortless and joyous flow to what you do versus being motivated by stress or pressure.

It cuts through the "what if"-type thought forms, the tension around having to be "nice" or politically correct and a perceived lack of the ability to be oneself—direct and truthful. Instead of being amped up, you feel non-attached to any outcomes, which allows you to see more clearly. Without the low-level tension, you experience strength and self-assuredness.

This is the perfect flower elixir for jumpstarting your retreat or vacation, or for incorporating into massage, as it cuts through the low-level stress and tension, discharging energetic toxins and sinking you into deep relaxation.

Now might be a great time to do a cleanse or detox, take some quiet time or do a much-needed retreat in nature. If you look at your life and your daily habits, what do you need to purge?

Look at the different areas of your life and see if you can identify areas where pressure is creeping into your experiences and see if there’s a way to strip that away or shift your routines, so you can allow for more enjoyment.

Take a vacation or pretend—and live your life as if you’re on vacation—and work like you’re playing hooky. Notice how that changes the energy around your daily activities.

Rattlesnake flower encourages us to find ways to celebrate our accomplishments, instead of constantly looking at the to-do list and feeling behind.

Fun Flower Facts

Worldwide there are 2,100 different varieties of Euphorbia flowers, one of the most diverse groups of flowers. They are sometimes called called "spurge," which means "to purge." Rattlesnake Euphorbia (Chamaesyce albomarginata) is a special type native to only one place on the planet: the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, California. Rattlesnake Euphorbia has spread to all of the Southwestern states of the U.S., along with northern Mexico. It grows in fields, roadsides, yards or disturbed land.

In terms of its physical appearance, Rattlesnake Euphorbia has the typical shape that you see with other Euphorbias—in this case, the four petal-like bracts are white with a red center and pronounced red stamen. Ironically, the white and dark red petal-like bracts are actually not the flower—the actual flowers are extremely tiny, emerging from the center like little jewels on miniature pedestals.

Most people would consider this plant as a "weed" or "urban weed," which in this case means that the understanding of the plant’s special qualities has been lost over time.

Traditionally, Rattlesnake Euphorbia was commonly used as a tea or poultice by Native American tribes to cure rattlesnake bites. Also known as Yerba de la Vibora, or Viper Grass, this plant is known to be poisonous, secreting a milky sap which is an irritant to the skin, which protects it from getting eaten by animals.

This plant is a perfect demonstration of the theory that sometimes "poison cures poison"—that poisonous plants can be of great benefit when used properly.Rattlesnake Euphorbia is also known as a cathartic, a substance that expels toxins.


rattlesnake euphorbia flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What People Are Saying

"This elixir is amazing! My experience with flower essences is that sometimes it can take a while to notice their effect. I’ve only been taking the Rattlesnake Elixir for a week, yet I have noticed a big difference. For me, this elixir goes to work almost immediately. I feel the results as soon as I take it. It’s stress relief in a bottle. I’m not using it as a quick fix. I have been working to release old patterns that no longer serve me, I am taking steps to destress my life, and I am creating a path to transition into a new job. I primarily purchased this elixir because in the description it said that it helps to dissolve constant stress and low-level tension that have become normal. When I take it I feel relaxed, and things that would normally bother me don’t. I highly recommend giving this elixir a try." —Tabitha

"This was my second order of LOTUSWEI products, since I find them so effective. I chose Rattlesnake, since the description exactly describes my life: under stress for so long, I don't even realize it anymore. Even the first time I took this, I experienced immediate relief. I know it is supposed to take some time to notice the positive effects, but they hit me right away. I only take it once a day because of this. By the third day, I could see that I am moving in the world differently, effortlessly. I had some very stressful events pop up this week on top of everything else, 2 weeks after taking it, and others actually commented on how I was present and able to help others in the situation instead of being overwhelmed and collapsing into myself. I'm feeling more in control of my life and have been able to make some decisions that had been difficult for me to face, but fell into place when I gave it the mind space. I highly recommend this elixir if you are also looking to clear your head of the underlying noise in life and be able to focus on what is important to you. Thank you LOTUSWEI for your high quality and good tasting product!" —Barbs

"Oh my gosh. This is a lovely elixir to help me discover just how much tension I truly generate and hold. All the time. I want to call this my vacay in a bottle, yogini's little helper, and my favorite break time treat. Suddenly, my head is clear and mercifully empty. I breathe deeper and my spine gratefully unfurls. My shoulders drop from around my ears. Calmness reigns. Now is everything. Wow. I have learned another level of awareness from this plant. Lots of sighing, probably releasing stress. Thank you Flower Fairies!" —Soleil Tranquilli

"I was really intrigued to try this elixir after reading a blog Katie wrote about it. I bought two bottles, one for me and one for my boyfriend, who has a really stressful job. I feel like the effects are subtle, amazing and powerful. Feeling like I'm taking less on and letting things roll off my back easier. My boyfriend had a huge shift at work after I started giving this to him, which feels really magical." —Debbie

In Essence

Magnifies: Strength, self-assuredness, foundation; total relaxation and letting go; meditative mind; vacation-in-a-bottle; feeling fresh, awake; flexibility, adaptability, handling things naturally as they arise vs. worrying or over-thinking; celebration of life

Dissolves: Chronic stress, constant low level tension; sense of pressure, deadlines, urgency (to unhealthy point); worrying about little things, overwhelm; feeling a lack or that you’re falling behind; worry about having to be "nice" or politically correct


Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI