January 15, 2018

Connect your heart to your crown chakra; experience being present & love without attachment.

Frog Orchid activates the pineal and thymus glands, connecting the crown, third eye and heart centers, stimulating love without attachment, clear seeing and states of deep peacefulness.


Surrender into the wisdom & love within your own heart with Divine Within. Infused with 9 flower remedies for self-fulfillment, gentleness & nourishment, it helps you soften to life's challenges with compassion, acceptance & devotion. It dissolves barriers to nourishment and awakens your ability to love yourself.


frog orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences iceland


Hunting for this orchid was the primary reason we went to Iceland.

We searched high and low for wild orchids everywhere we went. After about six days of not finding them, I was worried we wouldn’t, and decided to let go of the expectation. As with many things in life, the moment I let go of the desire, it magically appeared.

Katie Hess Godafoss Falls Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences

Growing at the base of one of Iceland’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls (Godafoss), it flourished in an area where no tourists seemed to go, almost appearing to hide from plain sight. If you weren't looking, you wouldn't see it. If you were aware and slowed down enough to really look, you’d see hundreds of wild orchids everywhere.

We made the mother essence with pristine glacier water from the wildly rushing waterfall to boost the qualities of this powerful orchid essence.

Why it’s Special

The Frog Orchid is otherworldly, rare and exotic. In Iceland this orchid blooms only in June and July and is referred to as Barnarót, which translates to 'children's root'. The seeds are teeny tiny - almost like dust - and require a special kind of fungus present in the soil to grow. Frog orchid is a terrestrial orchid - meaning that it grows in the ground - and as it grows only about 6-8 inches high, it is very easy to overlook if you are not paying attention.

frog orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences iceland

What it Reveals

If you are attracted to the Frog Orchid, you are ready to explore the world of orchids and what they can offer our state of consciousness. You may be ready to perceive the world around you using a different part of your mind - that which does not require ‘thinking’.

You may be wanting to be more in-tune with the world as it is, reconnecting your head and your heart. Opening oneself to our channels of divine intuition, we can more clearly see.

frog orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences iceland

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Activate: Energetic alignment
Message: Blow your mind!

Frog Orchid (Dactylorhza Viride) is a powerful flower essence, opening up the crown chakra, as well as the channel between the crown and heart center. It allows us to perceive what life is like when we are in states of non-thought, when we are simply in a ‘being’ state. When we are free of thinking, intellectualizing and ‘figuring it out’, we are free of dualistic rumination.

frog orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences iceland

Frog Orchid activates clear seeing, awareness and states of deep peacefulness. It brings us 100% into the present moment, without clinging to duality. It connects the head and heart and enhances our moment-to-moment perception of awareness, so that past and future do not matter to us, thereby dissolving panic, dread, negativity and feeling like our energy is being drained constantly by our own mental rumination and excessive interpretation. It helps us cut through the storytelling that we do inside our own minds and to simply practice perceiving reality as it is, without judgement. It helps us be more in tune with our inner knowingness.

Frog Orchid seems to slow time down. The hard edges of daily life are gone and replaced with a soft ease. We feel like everything is taken care of, in the sense that we don’t have to ‘do’ anything about problems that arise.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Love without attachment; deep peace; state of non-thought; being 100% present

DISSOLVES:Panic or dread; negativity; brain drain; exhaustion 


Along with being one of the flowers featured in the Divine Within Collection, Frog Orchid is also available as a single elixir.

Because each flower has its own unique specialty, single flower elixirs can target very specific patterns. The effects of single flower elixirs are often more subtle, yet they go deeper, hitting the bullseye. While it may take longer to discern the shifts taking place, the effects can be profound.

***Wild orchids are incredibly powerful flower essences; we recommend people to be taking flower essences regularly for six months OR be a part of our Flowerevolution program before taking Frog Orchid as a single elixir.***


Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI flower essences