January 13, 2016

Are you recovering from heartache or trauma?

Fireweed flower essence can help transform painful experiences by:

  • Dissolving emotional intensity from old memories.
  • Enhancing your ability to navigate hard situations with courage and grace.
  • Strengthening your capacity to love and forgive yourself + others.
Fireweed is found in our Infinite Love blend


infinite love flower essence blend elixir lotuswei

This is a special flower that heals environments, animals, and people after traumatic or disruptive situations. If we were to build a new freeway through the state of Colorado, for example, we’d find Wild Fireweed bursting up around the edges of the freeway to help the environment adjust to the disturbance.

The first time I saw Fireweed, I came across it outside of Whistler near a bike trail that had been forged through the forest. It’s a beautiful flower with bright pink and magenta flowers that look like a heart or a butterfly. In its essence, Fireweed is exactly that: transformation of the heart.

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to the Fireweed flower, you may have a heartache, painful experience, or trauma that is affecting you, either from a recent experience or from long ago. Most of us have lived through painful experiences at one time or another, and it can even refer to experiences as far back as childhood, infancy, or gestation. There may be a heartbreak that you’re not even aware of operating in your subconscious, still running in the background and affecting how you operate in your daily life.

If you can currently identify a specific heartbreak, this may be a good time to work on self-nurturing and forgiveness, freeing the heart of pain and hurt. If it’s too difficult to forgive someone else, start by forgiving yourself and making wishes to forgive the other person in the future. Even just having an aspiration for forgiveness is the first step.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Recovery
Message: Forgive someone now.

Fireweed flower heals the heart. It transforms painful experiences by dissolving the emotion around them, leaving only the lessons learned. When we have traumatic experiences, they live in the cellular memory of our bodies. The Fireweed flower elixir releases the emotional intensity from old memories of heartbreak and suffering so that we are no longer triggered by current situations that may appear to be similar.

Fireweed enhances our ability to navigate painful situations with strength and grace. It strengthens our capacity to love and forgive ourselves and others.

fireweed LOTUSWEI flower essences

Flower Freak Details

The Fireweed (Chameriaon angustifolium) flower got its name because it is the first plant to grow abundantly in areas struck by forest fire. Plants like this are called “pioneer species” because they grow in land that has been disturbed. After trees regrow to shade the area, the Fireweed no longer gets enough sun, but its seeds stay in the ground. When another forest fire passes through, the seeds germinate and the Fireweed flower grows and blooms once again.

Long ago this plant was considered rare in the U.S.; it became common, however, during the expansion of the railroad, which disturbed the soil and disrupted ecosystems. Fireweed is also called “bomb-weed”; during World War II, it spread quickly and blossomed in the bomb craters. Fireweed benefits all life in environments affected by trauma, including plants, animals, and people.

The fleshy part inside the young stems of the Fireweed is delicious, and the Fireweed leaves can be made into an infusion rich in vitamins A and C. Bees adore Fireweed flowers and produce a liquid gold Fireweed honey.

Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences infinite love

In Essence

Magnifies: Feeling that love is all around; forgiveness

Dissolves: Heartbreak; emotional attacks; fatigue

Infused with the most powerful flower essences for magnetism, attraction & self-acceptance, Infinite Love is the most effective blend at inducing all forms of love.


 Infinite love Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI