August 08, 2019

Flowerlounge magic at The Yoga School ~ magical space & group of people. Meditation was mind-blowing from the start! Singaporean minds are very clear - I feel it immediately when sitting in meditation; the difference is so palpable!

Loved being at The Yoga School ~ so comfy and conducive to being together. Overlooking the city from the 39th floor, it’s easy to imagine flooding everyone all around with love.

I was surprised & delighted to hear that women flew in from Indonesia and Thailand for the event. So heart-warming & such an honor. 🙏🏼 And we sold out of our tickets!

I loved that we noshed on local Singaporean desserts like Kueh. (My favorite dessert is ‘ondeh ondeh’, a small ball of soft rice flour & pandan coconut with liquid palm sugar inside.) It was a joy to actually serve it, along with other kueh treats, at a Flowerlounge! We also provided sips of flower-essence-infused yummy blue pea and cardamom beetroot teas made by local entrepreneurs.

I can still see everyone’s face standing in a circle at the end, full of laughter & radiance.

Huge thank you to Dawn at The Yoga School for hosting us, to @rainerchia@abide.sg for shooting beautiful video clips (video coming soon!).

Deepest gratitude to my sidekicks: Taylor for her enormous, lovely presence & these exquisite photographs & Clare who we would not have been able to do this without her, organization-wise & humor-wise. 😁♥️🌺🙏🏼