June 29, 2022

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Transformation or the ‘dark night of the soul’
  • Inner conflict or wrestling with something in your mind
  • Unsure of people’s motives around you
  • Grief, loneliness or overwhelm
  • Feeling ‘dirty’, impure or fear of doing something ‘wrong’
  • Loss or separation from loved ones
  • Not sure where you belong
  • Wanting to pull your hair out in frustration
  • Experiencing a lack of support from those around you
  • Self hatred or sabotage
If any of this resonates with you SACRED HEART is for you.


White Columbine
Activate: Divine Feminine
Message: You are your own Fairy Godmother.

If you feel drawn to White Columbine, there may be something you’re internally wrestling with. You may be weighing options, going back + forth in the ultimate spin cycle of dualism: good, bad, want, don’t want, like, don’t like.

You may have had the feeling of being conflicted inside, or bearing the weight of something heavy alone. You may have experienced stress around not knowing how something is going to turn out, or grappling with the tension of bouncing back + forth between the opposites of: knowing/not knowing, real/not real or negative/positive.

The White Columbine flower gives us the same deep comfort as when we put our head on someone’s lap and all conflict drains away. Nothing about the situation changes, but we just suddenly feel like it’s all going to be okay and we can finally relax.

White Columbine opens within us a deep well of self-support. We realize that we are just fine — with the support that comes from within us. It is effortless too, as if we wake up one morning and realize that no conflict is ever too much for us. That we can experience any type of pain + suffering, and that ultimately we’ll be okay, because we are exactly the support that we need for ourselves.


Sacred Datura
Activate: Energetic Cleanse 
Message: Let it move through.

If you’re attracted to Sacred Datura, you may have recently felt overwhelmed, as if your sockets are blown. You may feel either irritable or fearful of aggression. Alternatively, you may feel foggy, worried or have a desire to be alone. You may have felt that you are in need of a cleanse, whether it’s toxic overload in the body, mental clutter or energetic debris.

Sacred Datura magnifies strength, wisdom, and creative solutions. It helps us put a different spin on things and gain a new perspective. It encourages deep breathing and helps the body efficiently cleanse itself through the breathing process. It shines light into dark places, and acts as a calming, clarifying light at the end of the tunnel.

It amplifies our body’s capacity to get rid of toxins, through the breath and the fluids of the body. This elixir is soothing, cleansing, clearing, calming and quieting -- like drinking moonlight. As it gently detoxifies the body, it magnifies mental clarity, euphoria and power. It offers us a cathartic resolve and a healthy desire to move on from what’s causing toxicity in our lives, whether it be substances, behaviors, habits or thought/emotional patterns. It enhances our subtle life-force/energy, alertness and attentiveness.


Activate: Taking care of yourself

If you’re drawn to the Pieris flower, you may have experienced a recent chasm of grief in your heart, whether it’s from the death of a loved one, or other extreme loss or heartbreak. You may be feeling a ‘never-ending’ sadness or that the grief will never end. Maybe you feel left behind or abandoned in some way & feel apathetic within your life.

The feeling of sadness that can accompany any grief can feel so consuming you might wonder will it ever go away. Pieris is there to help awaken hope within you; hope and the ability to take care of ourselves. It magnifies self-love, purity and the desire to continue with life while making space for what’s arising.

Pieris flower essence gives us the sense that no grief is insurmountable, that we can move with our grief, rather than allow it to completely immobilize us. It dissolves fatigue and self-disappointment when we’re not bouncing back. We get a sense that we can accomplish great benefit for others, even when we are on our knees.


Radiance Orchid
Activate: Highest Vision
Message: You are love.

If you're attracted to the Radiance Orchid, you may have had fears of getting hurt or left behind. You may have experienced loss or have been separated with a love relationship, family or friend. Angst or worries about money, love, not being enough or missing something may cause you to feel grumpy or go into hiding. Deep down there may be a situation where you are fighting reality or in denial about something because it feels too insurmountable or painful.

You may long for things to be a certain way, yet it feels impossible to attain that vision, which can lead you to feel shut down or self-protective. You may behave as if everything is just fine, when in fact, there is something bothering you under the surface.

Radiance Orchid inspires total self-acceptance and acceptance of life as it is without wishing to change it. In situations of loss, we may miss or long for a loved one, but there is no longer any grasping, clinging or wanting to control the outcomes. It’s not about “letting go” or “releasing” the person/loved one. It’s about releasing the tension around it. We resist releasing attachments, because we think that we will keep loved ones as a part of our lives. However, in the release of resistance to loss, we’re finally able to tune in to everything around us and feel a deep relief & sense of being at home in the world.

We develop an understanding that: when we let go of something, we are not letting go of the ‘thing’ or the person, we are letting go of the attachment and clinging. The moment we let go of our fear of loss/pain, and we are ready to face it head-on, it dissolves. We can experience deep peace and acceptance.

Radiance Orchid also amplifies our self-love & self-acceptance — we feel at home in our own bodies. Shame dissolves and our body image or the perception we have of our physical form softens. When we’ve made friends with ourselves, there is nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to protect, nothing to lose.


Vanilla Bog Orchid
Activate: True Nature
Message: Treasure your divine nature.

If you’re drawn to the Vanilla Bog Orchid, you may have felt that your words or presence are not making the impact you desire. You may have felt discounted or devalued, either by your community or society at large. You may have a strong drive to surround yourself with people who fully understand the depth of who you are -- and your worth in the world. You may have felt insignificant or that your needs are not taken into consideration.

Vanilla Bog Orchid helps us treasure our gifts and seek out environments that support the full value of who we are and what we have to offer. It magnifies our conviction in what is most important in life, and helps us streamline our interactions so that we only deal with beings who align with our innermost values.

As we embody more and more of our true spiritual power we become a force to be reckoned with. We’re more able to speak up and express ourselves in a way that owns our unique qualities. We’re able to cherish ourselves as precious and rare and hold ourselves in high esteem.

As we hold ourselves in higher esteem, so too does the world around us. We recognize that we’re worth protecting and advocating for -- and we feel more able to do that. When we embody our divine expression, our words penetrate. Our presence is felt. We make a dramatic impact just by showing up and being ourselves.


Pear Blossom
Activate: Belonging
Message: Notice your stability.

If you’re attracted to the Pear Blossom, you may be feeling groundless, that you have no roots or that you’ve been ripped from your usual solid foundation. You may be questioning who is your true ‘family’ and who are the people you can sincerely rely on in moments of need.In your quest for feeling a sense of belonging or stability, you may have moments of insecurity, worry or intense frustration. In these moments, you long to identify where you can put your energy where it will be merited, appreciated and cherished.

You may be living through a time where your community or society around you feels unstable and full of the unknown – or your sense of ‘belonging’ is shifting to more subtle levels. Pear Blossom awakens clarity around our true sense of inner belonging. It helps us identify where and how to plug in to a family, community or network of support. It settles us into a firm footing and foundation, encouraging us to find roots where we’ll thrive and flourish. We can allow ourselves to receive greater nourishment and sustenance through what we consider our roots.

Sometimes it’s necessary to experience the pain and suffering of feeling where we don't belong, in order to identify the contrast of where we do belong. Belonging can be a sense of inner comfort, belonging to oneself, belonging to a place or specific people or traditions. We can belong to the earth, the natural world and generally experience a greater sense of interconnectedness. On a metaphysical level, we may belong in the hearts of many loved ones who are physically far away; likewise, they belong in our hearts.

Pear Blossom nourishes our sense of stability, contentment and wisdom. It helps us align with our maturity as a human being so we can operate as a pillar of strength and a beacon of loving kindness.

White Iris
Activate: Purity
Message: Clarify your intentions.

If you’re attracted to White Iris, you may have recently felt like something is wrong with you. It can manifest in insecurities around how others feel about you or how you feel about yourself. You might resonate with feeling unlucky, dirty, flawed or that what you’ve been doing is all wrong. You may jump to conclusions that others are upset or angry with you or that you are constantly at fault or to blame for some unknown thing that is ‘wrong’ with you.

Alternatively, you may feel awkward or out of place in the world. You may perceive that you don’t fit in or belong in your family, friend or colleague circle. You may go through cycles of thinking too much or expecting the worst.

White Iris flower essence helps us get in touch with our own innate purity. It helps us clarify our intentions and align with our highest potential. Rather than project disharmony or insecurity into our interactions, we can allow ourselves to operate from a place of wisdom and be open to receiving unexpected blessings and support.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Sacred Heart Mist & Anointing Oil contain day-blooming Jasmine Grandiflorium.

Use When You Experience:

  • Confusion, loss and overwhelm
  • A time of transition and transformation
  • Inner conflict, loneliness & ‘dark night of the soul’
  • Separation, grief, heartache and loss
  • Feeling undervalued, ‘dirty’, overwhelmed or that something is wrong with you

Sacred Heart encourages:

  • A softening into the present moment.
  • An ability to surrender into self-love and acceptance despite major changes.
  • Deep comfort & profound self-support.
  • Contentment, belonging & wisdom.
  • Self-love, self-acceptance & self-nurturing.


MAGNIFIES: Hope, self-Love, resilience, acceptance, transmutation.

DISSOLVES: Inner conflict, loneliness, grief, heartache & loss, feeling undervalued, ‘dirty’ or overwhelmed.


Love + flower petals,