October 23, 2018

Is something in your life changing in a big way?

Whether you are going through the process of literal or figurative birth or death, the Boundless Wisdom flower essence blend can help soften times of transition by:

  • Magnifying feelings of profound peace, spiritual fulfillment and divine timing.
  • Soothing the intense stress that occurs as a result of traumatic experiences.
  • Teaching you to accept the impermanence of life and come to peace with the way things are.


I originally made this bouquet of flower essences with death in mind—literally—for hospice and losing loved ones.

It was designed to help us move through the transition of leaving, or of being left behind.

I've come to realize that it’s for ALL the dying—even the constant change + small deaths of letting go of things during our daily life. It can be scary to let go—it feels like we’re letting go of pieces of ourselves. And in some ways we are.

We let go of old pieces to be able to expand into bigger versions of ourselves.

But that isn't always easy!

Boundless Wisdom is designed to help us jump off the cliff into the unknown with a greater capacity to embrace what’s coming, when we have absolutely no idea what’s next -- AND when we’re afraid of letting go of the way it was.

It helps us embrace life as it is and perceive the sacredness that is woven into the fabric of everyday life.


 boundless wisdom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Read on to discover more about the flower + gem magic in our Boundless Wisdom Collection.


If you are attracted to the Bodhi Tree or its leaf, you may be wishing to express your love more deeply, or you may be yearning to fuel your spiritual connection. You may need to carve out some extra time for meditation, prayer or spiritual practice.

The Bodhi Tree essence catalyzes an all-encompassing love that pacifies negative emotions. It helps us cut through fears + anxiety and experience unwavering peacefulness, open-heartedness and tenderness. It magnifies patience and the ability to accept others as they are, forgiving and unconditionally loving them without wanting to change them.

Bodhi Tree calms aggression, anger and violence, inspiring kindness and gentleness. It awakens devotion and a deeper experience of spiritual connection.It helps us embrace life as it is, perceiving the sacredness woven into the fabric of everyday life.



If you are attracted to the Bee Balm flower, you may recently have had a traumatic experience. If not, there may be trauma from the past that still affects you on some level, even if you’re not conscious of it.

Bee Balm soothes the intense stress that occurs as a result of traumatic experiences. These experiences alter the natural balance of the body and mind, so that it may be hard to sit still or focus. We can become easily distracted or stare off into space. We may find it too painful to be in the here and now, as we can become filled with despair. As a result, we can also become irritable or easily annoyed, or we might feel like no one understands what we’re going through.

If not related to a traumatic event, this flower elixir helps us adjust to any kind of change or transition that disturbs the natural balance in our lives. We may feel like we’re in over our heads or doing an impossible balancing act, causing us to spin into distress. Bee Balm soothes the nervous system, allowing us to focus and be more lighthearted. It inspires hope and compassion after stressful events.



If you're attracted to the Lilac flower, you may be clinging to things being a certain way. There may be a situation in which you want to control the outcome. You may wish for things to be different, and when your expectations are not met, find yourself feeling uncomfortable or depressed. When plans unexpectedly change, you may find it difficult to adapt quickly enough.

The Lilac plant has tremendous strength and fortitude, with flowers that teach us how to accept the impermanence of life. Everything changes. And not surprisingly, this is wisdom that the flower imparts: Lilac helps us loosen up and free ourselves from clinging to things being a certain way, transforming attachments to people, places and outcomes.

It gives us a taste of non-attachment which is very freeing, helping us embrace change and go with the flow. It helps us be more flexible while letting go of rigid ideas and the desire to control outcomes.



If you feel attracted to Magnolia, you may feel like something in your life is changing in a big way. Magnolia offers a chance to slow down, feel more in tune, accept the unknown and trust that all will be well. Magnolia clears away negativity, darkness, extraneous thoughts and fears (including fears about death and the afterlife or a part of ourselves dying).

When we’re attracted to White Magnolia, it’s because there’s a natural process that’s happening in our lives that we’re fighting. Aging, for example, is something that we often resist. Instead of recognizing that our bodies change over time, we wish them to be as they were in our younger years, and we either live in a fantasy world or push our physical limits too far—even to the point of injury.

If we can relax into the way things are and how they are evolving, we can find peace and magic in the moment, no matter what might change in the future.

The White Magnolia holds itself open like a gentle cup from which to drink,  inspiring us to look beyond the obvious and see what’s deeper. Magnolia helps us to experience profound peace and spiritual fulfillment. It frees us from worry, and awakens the part of us that is all-knowing and aware of divine timing.

Magnolia helps us come to peace with the way things are and what’s to come, making space for gentle transformations For that reason, Magnolia flower is supportive for major transitions like birth and death, or for those times when we feel that an aspect of ourselves is dying or being reborn.



In each of our blends, we also add one gemstone elixir! Each gemstone is carefully chosen to further enhance + magnify the effects of the flower alchemy. One of the rarest yet most popular quartz crystals, Amethyst was used historically for pain, sleep disorders, addiction and mental stress.

Today, Amethyst is used to support meditative states of mind, cleanse the aura, and enhance intuition, allowing for your inherent wisdom and understanding to arise. It is well known for its ability to increase creativity and imagination as well as focus and success.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Infused with essential oils of Cardamom, Rose, Jasmine + Frankincense, Boundless Wisdom is an earthy floral scent that smells like you're taking a walk in the woods.



  • Working with intense or disturbing emotions (anger, impatience, attachment, judgement, despair, frustration, longing, obsession)
  • You feel disconnected, especially from your spiritual life
  • Facing fear of death/change/resistance to impermanence
  • You're having a hard time trusting your intuition or impulses
  • Long-term relationships are ending + new relationships are beginning
  • Moving through major life transitions (death, birth, pregnancy, menopause, children moving away, parents becoming empty nesters, starting new career)


  • Less attachment to mental or old narratives + stories
  • More visceral experience of divine timing + insights from within
  • More connected to nature + the people around you
  • Ability to use + embrace discomfort as a divine key to your awakening
  • Ease in softening and leaning into change + impermanence, even if you're afraid
  • Powerful healing of old traumas
  • Profound support for major transitions like birth and death, or for those times when we feel that an aspect of ourselves is dying or being reborn
  • Greater capacity to embrace what’s coming, even when you have absolutely no idea what’s next
  • All-encompassing love + devotion to yourself and loved ones
  • Magnified patience + ability to accept others as they are
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness to seeing new opportunities available when attachments are released
  • Enhanced ability to rejoice in others’ happiness


Boundless wisdom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences aura mist

What People Are Saying

"Have you ever been stuck in a super hot room and it feels kinda stuffy and hard to breathe, and then you step outside and get a rush of a cool breeze and feel instant relief? That’s what this elixir is like. It creates a lot of space to back up and breathe—especially when weathering tough life transitions. Super soothing. One of my favorite blends." —Mary Beth Kilinski

"This mix of flower essences is one of my favorites. I've use Boundless Wisdom as an elixir and mist several times over the past couple years. Each time it feels like it helps to unwind another layer of grief and sadness that has been stuck in my tissues and has kept me stuck in parts of my own life. After each course of using it, I feel lighter (though, disclaimer: it also brought a lot of the heavier feelings up first, and my willingness to learn from what was arising helped me reach that lightness!). Also regarding just the mist: this is my absolute favorite aroma blend! That cardamom and rose coming together has me every time!" —Margaret

"I love how spacious and refreshed I feel after taking this elixir. It is very helpful with witnessing my limiting beliefs and has really helped me through many breakthroughs of 2020. I would say that this has been an anchor for my mind- allowing it to drop into my heart. Vast, yet grounded. Like a tree!!" —Courtney

"I absolutely love Boundless Wisdom. It's my favorite. I feel like I'm being enveloped by peace and joy and clarity. Everything seems to make sense and I feel light. I get frustrated less frequently and I am more open." —Stephanie

"Took this elixir after completing Infinite Love. When I met Katie and knew nothing about flower elixirs, I was drawn to flowers from both Infinite Love and Boundless Wisdom. I recently began to awaken deeper within myself after attending a retreat and this elixir is the perfect companion to support me along my path for awareness, staying present and acting from stillness as opposed to reactivity. I purposely packed this in my bag with me during my 2 week trip to my parents’ place overseas as I knew I would need all the support I can get from having little space and privacy to myself. It’s been about 2 weeks since taking this, and it’s so gentle and supportive. This elixir helps breathe space into any life situation, encouraging me to observe my thoughts over judging them. It also helps me maintain stillness while being around other people, making what they say or do become less of my concern, helping me allow and accept the present moment as it IS." —Missy Hou

"I sprayed this mist over my head and shoulders shortly after I woke and it really put me right in the mood to slow down, breathe and meditate. The only word I can use to describe the experience is transcendence." —Anastasia Tham


In Essence

Magnifies: Mindful-awareness; fresh perspective; synchronicity; compassion + open-heartedness; spiritual awareness + awakening

Dissolves: Impatience + frustration; attachment + longing; feeling disconnected, especially from your spiritual life; negativity, despair + darkness


Love + flower petals,