August 26, 2023

Are you as intrigued by botanical perfumery as I am?

Not what we think of as ‘perfume’ today: overpriced artificial, toxic fragrances.

Rather, I’m talking about real botanical ingredients.

Distilled essential oils and absolutes of resins, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots and other wild materials.

Old school perfumery!

Many years ago, I learned the art of botanical perfumery from one of the few pros on the planet: Jeanne Rose. We met around a table in the attic of her several-story home in San Francisco.

If you’ve ever studied with Jeanne, you know she’s unrelenting about two things:

  1. You must wear white (color distracts your nose)
  2. Only use #2 pencils. (if you spill on pen-written recipes, you lose them)

If you could manage to follow those two instructions, you were golden.

We spent 10 full days from morning til night in her attic learning how to detect the various notes of an aroma. We learned about accords (multiple essential oils together that form a new synergy). And we explored the volatility of each oil by working with base notes, heart notes and top notes.

We stuck our noses in mystery ziplock bags of white t-shirts that had been worn by individuals for an entire week without showering. We had to guess the age and sex of the wearer.

We even made a perfume out of Jeanne’s son’s military glove – surprisingly it turned out sweet, rich and beautiful.

Hours and hours on end, I used my nose to create new botanical perfumes from a palette of 100’s of rare ingredients.

I was enthralled.

Every now and then, I’d stick my head out the attic window to get some fresh air and clear my nose. I even remember the smell of fresh magnolia blossoms outside the window.

The art of true perfumery is unique because:

a. It requires real plant ingredients

b. It’s ephemeral, lasting only a few hours (not days) on your skin

c. Every perfume smells different on each person, depending on their unique chemical makeup!

If you want to dip your toe into the world of botanical perfumery, you can do that using our anointing oils as ‘accords’. You blend two accords together to make an entirely new synergy! AKA, apply one drop of each anointing oil on your wrist and voila! You have a new perfume.

Over the last few months, I’ve jotted down over 30 combinations that I absolutely LOVE.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sacred Heart + Divine Truth

Soft, day-blooming jasmine with Ylang Ylang as an accord in Sacred Heart blends together with the Rose & Palo Santo of Divine Truth and you have one of the godliest blends around: a complex, exotic floral wood perfume to help you surrender softly into the truth like petals falling from the sky.

Wild Abundance + Inner Knowing

Super heady jasmine with sandalwood in the Wild Abundance blends with the woodsy evergreen citrus of Inner Knowing and guess what comes out? Gin & Tonic!

Inspired Action + Open Heart

Inspired Action is spicy citrus and Open Heart is fruity citrus. Blend the two anointing oils together on your skin and you get something really fun & nostalgic: Cherry Cola!

Expansive Presence + Sacred Body

Oddly, many people don’t like Expansive Presence because they’re not drawn to powdery scents, but the rare, expensive and exotic flowers and roots like Costus and Champaka flower, when applied together with the rich, night-blooming Jasmine of Sacred Body bring it to a whole other level of exotic floral powder and roots.

True Strength + Open Heart

Cardamom is where these two blends overlap. The woodsy, tobacco with spicy cardamom of True Strength blends with the floral citrus spice of Yuzu, Bourbon Rose & Cardamom to make the best union of soft and strong!

Radiant Energy + Luminous Chi

Radiant Energy is all wood with Palo Santo and Fir. Blended with Thai spices like Plai and Makrut Lime Leaf inside the Luminous Chi brings the trees together with the leaves and spices of exotic places. Fruity, Wood with Bright Citrus are a whiz-bang combination and energetically, they will clear your aura of foreign energies and revitalize your weiqi.

Sacred Awareness + Divine Timing

If you love edible scents like chocolate, here’s how you get a double chocolate whammy! The sweet cardamom chocolate of Sacred Awareness with the bitter chocolate of Divine Timing is like the best kind of chocolate flower cake out there!

Here’s a few more to get you going:

Open Heart + Sacred Heart - an explosion of fruity floral!

Inner Knowing + Divine Within - love in the forest!

Joy Juice + Truthteller - explosion of clarifying, bright citrus!

Inner Peace + Quiet Mind - herbal, green + fresh!

My latest favorite perfume is:

ONE drop of each of these anointing oils to your wrist: Divine Truth, Radiant Energy, Sacred Body, Sacred Heart

Blend them all together right there on your pulse points - makes my heart sing!

Have fun with the anointing oils you have on hand by blending them together into new creations.

Or dive into the sensuous world of botanical perfumery with this palette of all 24 of our anointing oils!

Explore all of our flower essence-infused anointing oils here.

I know you’ll enjoy the experience of these rare & precious oils creating entirely new synergies on your skin as they mix with an entirely new chemistry:


Love & yummy scents,