June 26, 2022

Move through adverse environments, heartache and inner struggle with grace & ease.

Desert Lupine floods the Sonoran desert landscape with washes of indigo blue in springtime. Its flower essence dissolves panic and being frozen with fear; it catalyzes movement, engagement and strength, even in adverse environments. It dissolves heartache and magnifies elegance, peacefulness and fearless expression.

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Present within uncomfortable or adverse environments
  • In situations that make you physically freeze
  • Nervousness, panic or uptightness
  • Heartache or inner struggle


If you feel drawn to Desert Lupine flower essences, you may have found yourself in one or two situations where you feel like someone is antagonistic or against you. Or you may feel at times that the conditions around you are in opposition to you, rather than in support of you. You may feel misunderstood or that you are exposed to a world that is showing you its harsher side.

Your response may be to physically freeze or you may have the desire to run away. You may feel panic or that your heart has been disturbed. You may feel confused why these situations are arising around you. Your inclination may be to downshift into stillness and to not engage.



Activate: Fearless engagement
Message: I am strong in adverse environments.

Desert Lupine (Lupinus sparsiflorus) catalyzes movement, engagement and strength, even in seemingly adverse environments. Rather than becoming immobile when a challenge hits, you can move through it more gracefully – and move your physical body as well – rather than shutting down and becoming still or immobile.

Instead of shutting down and pulling away, you find that you can actually move into the fire and engage peacefully. With a newfound sense of strength, your foundation becomes quietly unshakeable.

Desert Lupine flower magnifies elegance, peacefulness and fearless expression. Rather than avoiding situations that razz us, we can move into the heart of them despite fears or discomfort. We are more able to express ourselves and speak from the heart without fear.

As we move into the center to engage, there is more space, curiosity and freedom to allow a new pattern or situation to arise. We can open to new possibilities and solutions through the maze of a seemingly uncomfortable dialogue or challenge.

Rather than getting stuck navigating choppy waters and old patterns, you’re able to grab the wheel and chart a new course of action that benefits everyone in a fresh new way.


Desert Lupine is a wildflower that floods the Sonoran desert landscape with washes of indigo in springtime. Found in the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico, this gorgeous blue pea family flower grows between one and four feet tall. In springtime the desert is covered in a carpet of blue flowers pollinated by honeybees and bumblebees.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Peacefulness & strength; Fearless engagement; Elegance & gracefulness

DISSOLVES: Feeling frozen, stuck or immobile; Sense of adversity or lack of support; Antagonistic situations around you



Awakened Perception helps us turn toward our greatest worst-case scenarios and courageously face the truth. We become more discerning and are able to see through the illusion of our fears. We experience more pleasure and uninhibited freedom through authenticity. We can let down our guard & be who we’re here to be, without distraction.


Love & flower petals,