September 23, 2022

We recently arrived home to the desert from balmy Charleston, South Carolina. We hosted our last traveling Flowerlounge event for the year – it's been quite a ride!

Every city we visited was SO different & the experiences so unique!

Wanna hear some crazy, behind-the-scenes highlights from our trip in Charleston?

We all got stung by jellyfish in the ocean in Folly Beach

What a rush — like getting chomped by a piranha – with a simultaneous electric lightning rod penetrating into the deepest part of you – and a fire-like sting that lasts for hours.

I went right back to boogie-boarding in the ocean (first time ever, so much fun!), but my skin itched like hell for a week; two weeks later, I can still see & feel the outline of the jellyfish and its tentacles on my thigh!

I figured it was an ocean blessing and if poison cures poison … that the jellyfish was helping us all to be more electric & direct. I researched jellyfish in Traditional Chinese Medicine & it’s used to dispel heat, eliminate congestion, lower BP & prevent hardening of arteries! Consuming jellyfish is good for toxicities, being overweight & heart health. Think it's a coincidence he got me right in the cellulite part of my thigh?! 😂

Collecting an Orange Fringed Orchid with the Flowerlounge Team

I usually go flower hunting alone or with one other person. It was so sweet to spend the afternoon with the Flowerlounge team looking for obscure flowers in the marshy forest.

Despite being extremely hot & sweaty, with mosquitos abound, everyone was super focused & engaged! Everyone had similar impressions and experiences of each flower. Isn’t this bright-colored wild orchid gorgeous?!!

Soothing watermelon culinary spa treatment from Chef Justin

Late night conversations on the porch translated to about 100 different insect bites all over my body – most likely no-see-ums – which itched like craaazy! I was blown away by the soothing effects of Justin dripping ice-cold crushed watermelon & rose hydrosol on my insect bites, followed by an application of Sacred Heart & Sacred Body anointing oils. Allll better. We need to start adding culinary spa treatments to our menu! ; )

And note to self: the sacred anointing oils are awesome for soothing insect bites!

Teaming up with Holly Thorpe & the Wildcraft team

Holly, her team & her husband all blew me away - we met them for the first time in person & it was love at first sight. Wildcraft Store set up an experiential lotuswei apothecary at our big event & hosted us for flower readings & mocktails. I dare you to visit Wildcraft in person or online & buy nothing, lol; it’s like eating one potato chip. Honored to call them family & we’re so lucky Sean modeled for our new Sacred Awareness launch!

Building Flower Mandalas all day for the event

Sometimes I wonder … Why do we work so hard? And who are these people with me on the team, who unequivocally devote themselves so wholeheartedly to working their butts off to create an ephemeral experience that comes and goes as quickly as it came?

My niece & I spent all day building flower mandalas, only to pick up every last petal at the end of the night and toss them into the ocean for the Flower Offering - much like the Tibetan Sand Mandala!

I look around me and each person is laboring, steaming silks, setting up pillows, fixing the audio/visual, making the food & beverages & all the other millions of prep things for an event … and wonder how I got so lucky to attract such beautiful humans who are so unbelievably dedicated to expressing their love through an experience …

Flowerlounge event at a historical location next to two burial grounds

This gave us an opportunity to do looots of meditation practice; we did several Smoke Offerings before we even did the event, to make sure we’d made peace with all the different energies on the property.

Ripple the Void Flowerlounge ~ CHARLESTON

Huuuge special thanks to Holly Thorpe & her team at Wildcraft for supporting us so strongly at the event & throughout the entire week!

Behind the Scenes Video

South Carolina was so good to us ~ some fun-loving behind-the-scenes during our week in Charleston! 

Folly Beach Flower Offering

Flower offering ~ Folly Beach style. 🤍 As the locals would say: flower bombs & party waves! 

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Love + flower petals,
Katie & the Flowerlounge Team