The LOTUSWEI Christmas Wish List

November 25, 2020

Hey, Lyndsey from Ireland here. Have we met? I just joined LOTUSWEI in August of this year and I'm having a blast!

Slowly but surely I'm trying every single LOTUSWEI product and I was so excited to ask each of the guys what goodies will be on their wishlist this holiday season! I hope that this might help you to choose what to gift a loved one or yourself this year - granted we all found it quite difficult to narrow down our favorites!

After careful consideration, here is what we all want for Christmas!

Santa, are you listening?


Flower Petal Earrings
: They make me feel so colourful and decadent!

Anointing Oils: Anything exotic like Wild Abundance, Open Heart and Luscious Embodiment.

Flowerevolution Subscription: Whether it’s for one month or an ongoing subscription, this is the best way for people to experientially learn about themselves through flower essences!

Flower Consultation: An absolute treat to spend time with a loving professional on what matters most in your heart. 


Luscious Embodiment Mist & Anointing Oil: I am currently having a total love affair with this new blend. It is by FAR my most favorite blend that we’ve ever put out. It’s helping me set firm boundaries, lay down the law where it needs to be, express myself in creative ways, and feel radiantly beautiful & powerful. And the scent … well, the first time I put it on, I literally said out loud: “HOLY CRAP! I feel luscious!” Need I say more? ; )

Flower Petal Earrings: These are literally the only earrings I ever wear anymore. I get compliments on them every time I go out. We have several different color options to choose from, but my personal favorite is Purple Cattleya. They are big, bold & make you feel like a flower.

Flower Essence Consultation with Robin Sandomirsky or Erin Borbet: If you want to work 1:1 with someone who has the quality of making you feel completely taken care of & is professionally trained in the art of flower essences, these two are it. I personally have extensive knowledge of all the flower essences in our collection, but even so — working with a highly skilled practitioner who can intuitively pinpoint the root of whatever you may be going through, and then recommend the perfect flower essence regimen to work it out, is supremely helpful.


Open Heart Mist
& Serum
: Twice a day, every day, I use the mist and serum on my face. It is my skincare routine! I mist my face until it is damp and then I apply the serum afterwards and allow it to soak right in. If I didn't use these, I wouldn't have any skincare routine at all! People say my skin looks great and it has to be because of these.



Joy Juice Mist & Anointing Oil: The smell is super uplifting & delicious! It brightens my days. 


Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil: It makes me feel so special & lady-like. 


Quiet Mind Serum: It calms me down before bed -- I apply it to my arms & legs before I go to sleep.

Radiant Energy Mist: This is one I always like to have on hand. I love the scent of this blend as well, and it refreshes my energy after spending time on my computer.

Luscious Embodiment Anointing Oil: I can't get enough of the Luscious Embodiment scent + the gorgeous indigo blue color of the oil!

Infinite Love Mist: I love how this helps to calm my dog's separation anxiety!


Flowerevolution Subscription: Whether you’ve worked with flower essences for years or you’re just starting your journey, Flowerevolution is the gift that keeps on giving. It helped me discover hidden gems about myself. I stand taller, communicate more boldly, and have more courage to say yes to things I would previously shy away from. Flowerevolution continues to support my journey of awakening and blossoming into my wildest, most authentic self. It changed my life!

Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir: As the year draws to a close, it is an introspective time for me as I’m sure it is for many. And so, working with Holiday Cactus has become my annual year-end mindfulness practice. It helps me take stock of the year I’ve had (there will be a ton to unpack for 2020, am I right??) and reflect on the lessons learned. It also helps me become aware of the impact of my every day actions and to envision what intentions I would like to carry forth into the year ahead. It’s my secret gratitude potion. ; )

Joy Juice Mist: No, thanks. No extra joy for me…. Said no one ever! Joy Juice is hands down one of my favorite blends. It is literally a bottle-full of JOY and has the most delightful floral fruity scent! It’s a great addition to any party, gathering or meeting to enliven the atmosphere... more fun + laughter anyone? Or if the holidays are a stressful time - which happens to the best of us - this helps to cut through the intensity to lighten + brighten the mood. It’s the perfect pick-me-up!


Wild Abundance Mist
: Wild Abundance was the first LOTUSWEI product I ever used about a year ago and I fell deeply in love with it. The smell is one of my favorites—so lush and rich. I've used this blend on and off but haven't had any on hand lately. It's always a wonderful reminder to embody a mindset of abundance and revel in the lushness of life.

Quiet Mind Serum: This one has been on my wishlist for a while. I often get neck and shoulder tension because of computer work and my posture. I have a wonderful massage therapist who helps me out, but I would love to use the Quiet Mind Serum to help relieve that tension on a more regular basis!

White Magnolia Flower Elixir: White Magnolia is one of the flowers I am always most attracted to visually from the Flowerevolution Card Deck. To my delight, I found that they grow all over my newly adopted state of North Carolina, so I got to see one up close this summer for the first time and found out they also smell absolutely divine! And I love the beautiful sheen of their deep green leaves. I know this flower is found in the Boundless Wisdom blend, which is also one of my favorites, but I would savor the chance to work with it one on one and see what deeper lessons it has for me. 


Quiet Mind Elixir: As I age, there are times when I wake in the wee hours and have trouble getting back to sleep. I use my old friend Quiet Mind to calm me down and carry me back to sleep.

Inner Peace Elixir: When I feel my anger rise at the thousandth empty & used coffee cup or glass I pick up and take to the kitchen, I find Inner Peace calms me and helps me remember that I really do love the guy that left them there.

Infinite Love Mist: As I am challenged by new experiences at LOTUSWEI, I rely on Infinite Love to help me remember that I don't have to be perfect and mistakes can be corrected.


Flower Petal Earrings
: The perfect splash of nature and color for an all-white or all-black holiday ensemble!

Crystal Clear Lip Balm: I'd want a couple of these! It's simply the best, so smooth going on with a slight hint of sweet Cardamom and it is flower essence- infused! Great for stuffing the stockings or gifting the elves!

Radiant Energy Serum: To moisturize dry skin and refresh from daily exposure to toxins, cell phones, laptops, toxins, etc

Wei of Chocolate: Mint & Coconut are my favourite flavours and these chocolates are such a sweet treat after lunch or dinner with the same flower magic inside as well!


Self-Heal Elixir: I have had my eye on this elixir for some time! I feel really drawn to the Self-Heal flower, and I love that it helps stimulate our own body’s ability to heal itself.

True Inspiration Set: I fell in love with Inspired Action a few months ago; I felt like it was what I really needed to help my creativity flourish and also to aid my focus. Sometimes I can get distracted & Inspired Action can help with that, to keep me on track.

Joy Juice Mist: I am such a sucker for Jasmine and find Joy Juice just takes off the edge if I am feeling tense or anxious. It is so uplifting and beautiful, I’d love a bottle of this mist for every room in my house! 

We hope that this helps you decide what to get your Secret Santa this festive season. We may be a tad biased but, we certainly think that a flower-powered gift is more meaningful! 

Have a wonderful & happy Christmas!