August 04, 2021

Anjie Cho & I got to chatting about Feng Shui & flowers ... and realized that there was so many fun tips & info that we could share with you! So we hopped on an Instagram LIVE for a fun chat on how to bring in more love, connection & community through flowers & feng shui:


Right now, many of us are really craving community and authentic connection with the people in our lives. Feng shui and flower essences can both be helpful tools for cultivating these qualities, and they work really beautifully in tandem. Together, they help us focus on both our inner worlds and our sacred spaces. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use feng shui and flowers to invite more love, connection, and community.

Feng Shui & Flowers for Communication

One thing that’s always relevant to creating deeper relationships is communication. If you can’t communicate well, it’s hard to make connections or ask for help and support. In feng shui, communication is related to the metal element and the doors in your home. Your front door, as well as other doors inside your home, represent your mouth. How you treat your doorways can offer clues about how you communicate. Many people have clutter behind their doors that prevents the door from opening a full 90 degrees. This is equivalent to someone mumbling, or speaking without fully opening their mouth. It also blocks your ability to receive connections, because you’re only allowing a small portion of Qi (life force energy) to come in. If one of your doors can’t open fully at the moment, try clearing out whatever is behind it to welcome more energy and connections to flow your way.

One flower essence that pairs well with opening up your doors is Cannonball, a gorgeous flower that grows on trees in southeast Asia. This flower increases our ability to hold space for others, be more vulnerable, and get in touch with our own vulnerability. Cannonball is one of the flowers in our Open Heart blend, which also helps us to be more curious and engaged. 


Stone fruit flowers like NectarineBonsai Plum are also really great for feeling supported. They can help you to feel like you are surrounded by love and friendships, instead of feeling like you are under attack or that something bad is going to happen. 

Feng Shui & Flowers for Friendship

When it comes to friendships, one area to look at from a feng shui perspective is your dining room table. Many people who tend to have shallow friendships or who have trouble holding onto friendships have their dining table right by the front door. This often correlates with people coming and going frequently in your life. Also, if you keep friends in the most public part of your home, closest to the door, that doesn’t encourage vulnerability and intimacy. If you would like to cultivate deeper friendships and your dining table is near the front door, try bringing it further into your home. If you can’t do that, you can use a mirror to reflect your dining table and bring it back into your home energetically. You may also want to pay attention to how many chairs you have. If you only have one chair and you are wanting to build a community around you, try making space for the people you want to invite in by adding more chairs. 

Jade Vine is a flower essence that can help us to really connect and engage with people, especially people we wouldn’t normally connect with, and in unexpected ways. It helps us feel protected, which can be especially helpful for introverts who can sometimes feel drained after spending time with others. Jade Vine gives us a sense of protective strength within ourselves that allows us to deeply & intimately engage with the people around us. 

Feng Shui & Flowers for Love

In feng shui, there's a tool called the bagua map, which is a mandala laid over a home.

It has different areas that correspond to different areas of life. One of these areas is called Kun, and it’s connected to love and partnership, as well as the mother element, all internal organs, the color pink, and yin earth. It’s also about healing yourself and your feminine side, and being soft and receptive. To find this area in your bedroom, stand in your bedroom doorway looking in and find the far right corner. Notice what you have in this area. Is there a prickly cactus plant? A pile of dirty clothes? Take a moment to notice what is in this corner of your bedroom. Think about what that symbolizes to you, and what you can learn from that. 

If you want to cultivate more softness, the flowers in Infinite Love (Hong Kong Orchid, Wild Hawkweed, Fireweed, and Pink Magnolia) can be really supportive. To use this in tandem with feng shui, you may want to spray the Infinite Love Aura Mist in the love and partnerships area of your bedroom, with the intention of clarifying that area. 


Another part of the feng shui bagua that can be related to love is Xun, which represents abundance and prosperity. It’s also connected to your self-worth. If you don’t feel worthy of receiving love, or you are stingy when it comes to giving love, this might be an area that you want to work on. Xun is the far left corner when you are standing in your bedroom doorway looking in. Once you’ve located this area, you can also notice what you see there and what that means to you. 

If you want to deepen your sense of self-worth, you might want to work with Fierce Compassion, which includes Rhododendron, Hollyhock, Mandevilla & Rose. You can spray the mist in the abundance area of your home, or you can bring in a painting or photograph of one of these flowers.


Another way to work with flowers is to create your own artwork. If you’d like, you can display it in your home, and the act of drawing imagery is a healing practice in itself. 

We encourage you to work with the flowers and feng shui principles that feel most resonant to you, and we hope this helps you start to cultivate more love, connection, and community in your life!


Anjie Cho is an architect, feng shui educator and author of Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home. She is the owner of Anjie Cho Architect, co-founder of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School, and founder of Holistic Spaces which hosts a blog, podcast and online store. Anjie is also an assistant teacher of dharma arts and meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage.

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