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New Flavor: Black Sesame Salt Chocolate! It's Limited Edition!

Are you ready? It's nutty, buttery, salty and W😍W! There's something so satisfying about the new Black Sesame Salt Dark Chocolate!

Maybe it's the comforting texture, so rich and full. Or the surprise of the sesame seeds that go crunch at the end. Or the flakes of black lava salt that combine with the natural nuttiness of the seeds to evoke a nut-buttery finish. Whatever it is, this unusual flavor is Limited Edition, so get it HERE while you can!

Black Sesame Seeds are renowned in Asia for their health benefits - which makes this awesome flavor even better! They're rich in minerals like magnesium, selenium & zinc; and have a healthy fat profile. They do all the things luscious dark chocolate does for you, too, so it's supercharged with goodness — antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, good for your heart, helps relieve stress. What more could you want in a delicious, two-minute, melt-in-your-mouth morsel?

But wait, there's more! 😄

We infused this Black Sesame Salt Chocolate with two special flower elixirs from the LOTUSWEI flower essence vault that are featured in their exclusive Flowerevolution program:

Taiwanese Azalea helps us see that our highest creative expression serves the world as a profound offering; therefore, there is no reason to feel guilt, selfishness or hold back in our endeavors. It dissolves feeling stuck or stagnant, overwhelm or holding back. It magnifies creative vision so we can see there are a multitude of ways to attain our wishes.

Purple Wishbone illuminates and dissolves deep, subconscious fears, and helps remove their charge so we can feel at peace. When we’re stricken by fear, we cannot perceive the world around us clearly. With Purple Wishbone, we have a greater capacity to listen and perceive with neutrality, dissolve a subtle layer of confusion, and overcome our fear of being judged so that we can speak our truth more freely. It also restores our sense of interconnectedness, which brings a natural feeling of safety.

Make sure you get some Black Sesame Salt Dark Chocolate before we run out! Order it HERE.