Can I really eat chocolate guilt free every day?

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50 pcs Assorted Chocolate in a Real Cacao Pod

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Cacao pod – $79.95

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Real Ecuadoran Cacao Pod, hollowed out and dried, complete with 50 pieces of assorted organic chocolate with identifying stickers. The pods vary in size, averaging 7-9 inches from end to stem. This one is hollowed out so it can be used as a bowl for your chocolate.  Beautiful display pieces, and great educational tools. Nothing beats holding a real cacao pod in your hand; proves that chocolate grows on trees!  

The assortment contains a mix of up to 9 different flavors:

  • Rose Cardamom 74% Wei Love
  • Himalayan pink salt 72%Wei Inspired
  • Citrusy 70% Wei Joyful
  • Chai spice 68% Wei Gratitude
  • Peppermint 68% Wei Beautiful
  • Lavender grey 70% Wei Peace
  • Super dark 80% Wei Radiant
  • Rich pure dark 70% Wei Pure
  • Velvety dark 75% Wei Compassion or
  • Chaga mushroom 72% Wei Wisdom

You'll love the yummy variety in this sampler: for the purists, there's pure dark 70% cacao Wei Pure, 75% cacao velvety Wei Compassion, and new 80% super dark Wei Radiant, while 72% Himalayan pink salt infused Wei Inspired, 68% peppermint Wei Beautiful, 70% Wei Peace & 70% citrusy Wei Joyful are sure to please those who love smooth, cocoa buttery goodness with a hint of delicious extra flavor. For those who love earthy goodness, there's 74% Wei Love and 68% Wei Gratitude, both rich with herbs & spices.

    All flavors are now made with organic coconut blossom sugar instead of organic cane sugar! It's Paleo-friendly!

    This special package is sure to be a hit at family gatherings, and a great gift!

    The photo shows a hollow pod filled with pieces of chocolate, with a whole pod in the upper left. Whole pod not included.