Can I really eat chocolate guilt free every day?

YES! Find out How HERE!

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We'd love for Wei of Chocolate to be your chocolate of choice for a daily dose of health, happiness, mindful chocolate moments and gifts for your loved ones.

Enjoy chocolate everyday without guilt + have it be a path to greater wellness.

After compiling reams of research, I distilled what differentiates chocolate for health from candy, and made the discovery that daily chocolate can be a path to greater wellness, as well as a way to bring the benefits of meditation effortlessly into our modern, busy lifestyle.

The science is clear: Harvard studies say even just one piece a day can cut the risk of heart disease by 57%. It lowers blood pressure & cholesterol, reduces the risk of stroke, improves brain function and protects against pre-eclampsia. Those are gamechangers; it's actually better to eat chocolate everyday than not, as long as it's the right kind.

So what makes it right? Dairy-free - not just dark - allows all the health benefits to be absorbed. Organic - to avoid both pesticides & GMOs in sugar and soy. Ethically traded - because nobody wants to benefit from child slave labor, even if the big companies do.

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And our special bonus? Flower remedies, that work via the acupuncture meridians to balance body & mind. We create a special blend for each flavor.