Meditating on the breath is awesome, and ...

What if savoring chocolate helped us do it more often?

Would you like to try a Chocolate Meditation, or are you curious about how to make meditation more effortless? You're in the right place!

The audio meditation here was recorded for use with a special chocolate called Wei Love, but you can use it with any good quality chocolate, or even just visualize!

Pull out your earphones and click the arrow below to Melt into Mindfulness and Enjoy a Chocolate Meditation ~

This meditation thing just got a whole lot easier.

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Often how we do something can be as important as what we do.

Let the chocolate melt in your mouth without chewing it.

Take a moment to watch the video, and see where it all began ...

This alone, can transform your day. I noticed that no matter how much we want to begin or continue our meditation practice, there's often some resistance ... and how with chocolate, it's always a yes ... I realized that chocolate could be the skillful means to ease us into that present moment - whether we've been doing it for years, or just beginning.

What we've done is create the perfect opportunity to introduce a moment, a ritual, a break - where you take 2 minutes for yourself and your practice that you always mean to take ... but don’t, because you’re too busy.

So let's take a moment to remember something we already know: everything we’re looking for - the joy, love, compassion, insight + wisdom - is right there, waiting for us in the present moment.

That's why we created chocolate that's good for body, mind + spirit.

'It was key for me that the chocolate be absolutely good for you if I was going to recommend it as a method.'

Organic    Fair trade    Vegan    GMO free    
Dairy free    Gluten free    Soy free   Paleo

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We'd love for Wei of Chocolate to be your chocolate of choice for a daily dose of health, happiness, mindful chocolate moments and gifts for your loved ones.

Enjoy chocolate everyday without guilt + have it be a path to greater wellness.

After compiling reams of research, I distilled what differentiates chocolate for health from candy, and made the discovery that daily chocolate can be a path to greater wellness, as well as a way to bring the benefits of meditation effortlessly into our modern, busy lifestyle.

The science is clear: Harvard studies say even just one piece a day can cut the risk of heart disease by 57%. It lowers blood pressure & cholesterol, reduces the risk of stroke, improves brain function and protects against pre-eclampsia. Those are gamechangers; it's actually better to eat chocolate everyday than not, as long as it's the right kind.

So what makes it right? Dairy-free - not just dark - allows all the health benefits to be absorbed. Organic - to avoid both pesticides & GMOs in sugar and soy. Ethically traded - because nobody wants to benefit from child slave labor, even if the big companies do.

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And our special bonus? Flower remedies, that work via the acupuncture meridians to balance body & mind. We create a special blend for each flavor.

Learn more about the Meaning of the Flowers here.

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