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Wei Compassion Velvety Dark Chocolate - 50pc bag

75% Cacao

50 pc organza bag – $62

75%, dairy free, fair trade, gluten free, GMO free, organic, pure dark, soy free, super dark, Wei Compassion

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Our pure dark flavors are SOOO popular - and this one is especially rich, deep, velvety dark 75% cacao. Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate is now available!

Perhaps it's the LOTUSWEI flower essences that are infused into every piece. Flower remedies don't change the flavor, but they change the way you feel. These are formulated to nurture you, heal the heart of any emotional wounds, and envelope you in love and caring.

Ready to go lighter on packaging and greater on chocolate? Then this 50-piece organza bag is for you! You get more pieces of Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate at a great price!

Each piece is perfect for a 2 minute, melt-in-your-mouth meditation break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment.

This is a special new item with an insert card that includes nutritional info & ingredients.

Wei Compassion is all organic, vegan, gluten free, soy free Rainforest Alliance certified 75% cacao dark chocolate from Ecuador, made with organic Coconut Blossom sugar instead of cane sugar. That means it's rich and delicious as well as low glycemic, which is better for people concerned about blood sugar. Plus it's Paleo-friendly!

This makes a perfect SUBSCRIPTION item! 🎉 Each 10 oz bag contains 50 pieces, so you can enjoy 50 two-minute chocolate meditations or nearly 2 HOURS of effortless mindfulness meditation per bag! 

Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate. We're here to get you more of what you love!


Ingredients: Organic 75% dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass, organic coconut blossom sugar, organic cocoa butter), with a proprietary blend of Lotus WeiTM flower essences including Red Rose, Hollyhock, Mandevilla, Rose Quartz and Lotus to heal and nurture the heart.