Can I really eat chocolate guilt free every day?

YES! Find out How HERE!

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Black Sesame Salt Dark Chocolate - Limited Edition

30 piece bag

Limited Edition – $48

70%, black sesame, dairy free, fair trade, gift, gifts, gluten free, GMO free, organic, salt, sesame, soy free, vegan

It's Back! Limited Edition Chocolate — Black Sesame Salt!

OMG you’re going to L😍VE this one! Ever since I went into {secret] mad scientist mode and came up with this flavor, the inner circle of oompah loompahs has been desperate to get more!

Imagine the rich, nutty flavor of sesame in a deep, fresh, 70% cacao dark chocolate … strewn throughout with nubby little sesame seeds and flakes of black lava salt.

Do you chew? Do you let it melt? The temptation is great — but melt, O wise one, because at the end you will be rewarded with the delight of crunching up those salty, nutty seeds in a burst of ecstatic flavor!

This unusual flavor combo has us oohing and ahhing and LOVING the freedom of trying something new.

Times are unpredictable, so we thought, why not?

We’ve made a small quantity of rich, dark, nutty black sesame seed chocolate, available in simple packages of 30 pieces in a gold organza bag. No boxes, no tubes, no little round sticker on each piece. Just 30 pieces of extraordinary chocolate in a bag with a card.

We’re committed to getting this special chocolate out there to you with pared-down packaging choices so that we can get what we need in these unusual times. This chocolate is infused with two special flower elixirs from the LOTUSWEI flower essence vault that are featured in their Flowerevolution program:

Taiwanese Azalea helps us see that our highest creative expression serves the world as a profound offering; therefore, there is no reason to feel guilt, selfishness or hold back in our endeavors. It dissolves feeling stuck or stagnant, overwhelm or holding back. It magnifies creative vision so we can see there are a multitude of ways to attain our wishes.

Purple Wishbone illuminates and dissolves deep, subconscious fears, and helps remove their charge so we can feel at peace. When we’re stricken by fear, we cannot perceive the world around us clearly. With Purple Wishbone, we have a greater capacity to listen and perceive with neutrality, dissolve a subtle layer of confusion, and overcome our fear of being judged so that we can speak our truth more freely. It also restores our sense of interconnectedness, which brings a natural feeling of safety.

As always, Wei of Chocolate is Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free, no GMOs, Dairy free and is made from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa from Ecuador.

Enjoy while you can - it's a Limited Edition