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Almond Butter Filled Dark Chocolate - 15pc bag

formerly Wei Indulgent

Limited Edition – $48

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Limited Edition Chocolate - It's BACK!

You'll swoon over this almond butter creme-filled extra large piece of chocolate (double the usual size!) enrobed in our Wei Pure 70% cacao dark chocolate. (Formerly known as Wei Indulgent!)

If you're looking for a special treat for yourself or a gift, this is just the ticket!

We made this years ago, and then honestly, it was just TOO GOOD - we couldn't stop eating it so had to stop making it! 😄 Since then, we've tweaked the recipe to include Gardenia flower remedy (doesn't affect the almond flavor) that's all about loving and accepting yourself - AND allows you to revel in a treat!

It became our most-requested item, and is now only available while supplies last. It comes 15 pieces in a gold organza bag (not a box) with the insert card pictured above.

The outer Wei Pure chocolate covering uses low glycemic coconut sugar, while the filling in the middle uses organic cane sugar. It's sweeter than our usual chocolate, just so you know!

As always, it's Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free, no GMOs, Dairy free and is made from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa from Ecuador.

Listen to an Almond Butter Chocolate Meditation here:

Enjoy while you can - it's a Limited Edition