What's the Meaning of the Flowers? February 16 2017

Which flowers appeal to you? We've found that whatever flower you're drawn to the most gives some interesting insights into your state of mind, and personality.

Take our quiz and read below to see what the flowers reveal about you! Download your Pick A Flower card HERE.

Wei Love Hong Kong orchid flower remedy

People who choose the Hong Kong Orchid typically have very high standards, and value constant improvement. So much so, that they tend to raise their standards so quickly they don't take time to appreciate their accomplishments & can sometimes be too hard on themselves. At times, other people may see them as crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside, and they may tend toward feeling irritation. The Hong Kong orchid flower elixir helps you appreciate and accept yourself more, and softens your heart. As you become more gentle and tender with yourself, others respond by finding you more magnetic and attractive, and it serves as a natural love potion. That's why we put Hong Kong Orchid in Wei Love Rose Cardamom chocolate.

You can find Wei Love here.


Wei Inspired pink primrose flower essence

People who chose the Pink Primrose are usually creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Perhaps you're working on a new project, and need that extra boost to get over any fears or hesitancy you may have about coming out with something innovative. The Pink Primrose flower essence helps you move into action, while get more done with less effort. You can cast those fears aside, feel in tune with what you're creating, and clear away anything disharmonious in your life. That's why we put Pink Primrose in Wei Inspired Himalayan Pink Salt chocolate, our most popular flavor!

You can find Wei Inspired here.


Wei Joyful night blooming cereus flower remedy

If you choose the Night-blooming Cereus, it indicates that you are ready to take what you’re working on to the next level in a big way. An amazing flower, it blooms only one night a year - typically on the full moon - and puts all its energy into this magnificent blossom. Aptly, this flower will help you realize your true gifts and dissolve any fears or old patterns that may be standing in the way of you reaching your full potential. Get ready for a great leap forward and be open to unexpected gifts! Night-blooming Cereus flower remedy is found in Wei Joyful citrusy chocolate, with some other flower essences that bring more laughter and light-heartedness to accompany the insight of Cereus.

Find Wei Joyful here.


Wei Gratitude dyssodia flower essence

Those who choose Dyssodia are often working too hard. If you’re always on the go and taking on too much, Dyssodia flower remedy will help you stop and take a break, and put more value on ‘being’ rather than do, do, do all the time. This little desert daisy will help you see that you are enough, allow you to rest more and enjoy simplicity. We put Dyssodia in Wei Gratitude chai spice chocolate, and combine it with organic herbs & spices to balance adrenals and relieve stress.

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Wei Beautiful globe mallow flower remedy

Choosing Globe Mallow, a beautiful desert wildflower, helps brings back that feeling of youthful innocence and vitality. Watching the flower move in the wind, you sense the lightness and freedom that a softening of the heart brings - along with a youthful glow to the skin. Sometimes, too, Globe Mallow flower essence is chosen by people who feel restless or driven to travel a lot, and it brings back confidence and ease with staying in one place as you recognize your own inner & outer beauty. That’s why we put Globe Mallow (and Peony!) in our divinely smooth Wei Beautiful peppermint chocolate.

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Wei Relaxed passionflower flower remedy

People who pick Passionflower usually have very active minds, lots of ideas, and often have trouble turning it off at night. Some may have trouble sleeping. The gift of Passionflower flower essence is that it helps calm, relax and focus the mind during the day, while helping you to sleep better at night. It’s not like a sleeping pill that will knock you out - it just balances the body in a gentle way that makes it easier to let go of thinking too much so that you can relax and get the rest you need. It’s the perfect chocolate for meditation, and is often chosen by entrepreneurs, executives and people with tendencies toward ADHD. That’s why we put Passionflower in Wei Relaxed 68% creamy dark chocolate.

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Wei Peace arctic lupine flower remedy

People who pick Arctic Lupine typically have a lot going on. It could be major life changes like moving, a new job, parenthood or illness, or perhaps you just have too much on your plate or are going through a phase of high stress. Lupine flower remedy brings back a sense of peace, tranquility and comfort. It’s relied on by people who experience anxiety or fear of flying, for example, and is just the tonic for when you feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin or need a break. That’s why we put Arctic Lupine in Wei Peace lavender grey dark chocolate.

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Wei Radiant jasmine flower remedy

Jasmine is such a beautiful flower that helps us appreciate our own beauty and take better care of ourselves. It is often chosen, too, by people who can be shy or quiet, and brings them more confidence. Jasmine flower remedy dissolves feelings of wanting to change our features or feeling not good enough, and can help us shed weight that has been gained due to loneliness. It increases self love and contentment, and helps us get the support we need from friendships. That’s why we put Jasmine in Wei Radiant super dark 80% dark chocolate.

You can find Wei Radiant here.


Wei Pure jade succulent flower remedy

If you choose the Jade Succulent flower, perhaps you need an energy boost or more chi. The Jade flower remedy increases your vitality, which expands the power of your presence so that when you walk into a room, people say, ‘Wow - who’s that?!’ It’s also the perfect flower for people who may be quiet, or hiding their talent on the inside. The Jade flower helps you bring 
it out & share your talent with others. That’s why we put Jade Succulent flower in Wei Pure 70% rich dark chocolate.

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Rhododendron is the lush bloom that calls forth compassion. It helps us reflect that compassion back to ourselves, so that we can wrap ourselves in an unconditional hug. It helps with healing old emotional wounds, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the way things are. That’s why we put Rhododendron in Wei Compassion 75% velvety dark chocolate.

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Bodhi leaf is the embodiment of open-hearted awareness. Collected from the place in India where the Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi tree, this essence helps lessen our feelings of attachment, opening us up to experience more fully the natural interconnectedness of all things, and unlocking our own wisdom. That’s why we put Bodhi leaf essence in Wei Wisdom 72% chaga mushroom dark chocolate.

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