We're almost back! 🎉 September 06 2019

We’ve missed you and are so happy to be back in touch! It’s been a long summer, hasn’t it? Last May seems like an eon ago, and a lot has transpired since we paused for our manufacturing & shipping transition. I hope you’re well, and thriving, and that your chocolate has brought you moments of comfort, solace and insight over the last few months.

Sunset this week as we waited to see if Hurricane Dorian would turn ...

The great news is that we are in the final stages of settling into our new manufacturing & fulfillment, and we’ll send out info soon about how & when you can restock. If you’ve already run out, my sincere apologiesI know that was my greatest fear that my own chocolate stash wouldn’t last till we were shipping again! 😱

Let me know if you’ve run out by emailing me at contact@weiofchocolate.com, and tell me what flavor you’re missing the most because we want to take that into account as we prioritize our next batch.

Daily chocolate meditation brings peace and joy

The last months have been interesting & challenging. One thing I learned is that I was dead wrong about the amount of chocolate one a day is not enough! ‘In the wild,’ I found my minimum daily dosage was more often 4 or 5!

As I weathered the challenges and uncertainties of the last few months, my requirement of chocolate grew. Every time I needed a ‘level up’ a conscious awareness that I needed to bring more to a situationthe chocolate gave me the pause, the focus, the nourishment to embrace each challenge with more presence, more patience, more clarity. I just can’t see limiting that now to only once or twice a day.
I started to wonder where I got that crazy ideathat I could only have one a dayand realized that it was part of the scarcity mentality I’ve been working through. I was secretly worried that somehow I didn’t deserve to have what I wanted, and that they were too expensive and people would reject my crazy ideas.
Do you ever feel like that? If you do, I'd like to invite you to join me in seeing what it’s like to overcome our limiting thoughts, and give ourselves the gift of as many pieces of chocolate a day as we need. I promise we'll try to make that as easy as possible!

Healthy chocolate lowers blood pressure and relieves stess

Let me explain with a story. A year ago, I left Phoenix where I live, to come to a small town in central Florida to visit my parents for 5 weeks. In the heat of the summer, all their friends & neighbors go north so they feel isolated & alone. They're in their 90s, and generally doing well. My mom lost her legs a few years ago, and motors around in a scooter; my dad took over the kitchen and learned how to cook in his late 80s.

A day after I returned to Phoenix last September, my mom crashed into the piano and flipped her scooter. She didn’t regain her former strength or clarity; my dad was no longer able to care for her by himself. I returned to Florida and the 5 weeks has become 55. Caring for my folks has become my practice, my devotion, my expression of love 💗

And yet it's natural that I miss my family in Phoenix, my dogs, my other life. Clearly this requires ample chocolate!

As the one year mark passed recently, I look back over this year of uncertainty from not knowing when I’ll go home, to listening each morning for their breathing and I feel a tremendous amount of compassion for myself and us all as humans. If I have these challenges, these moments, then I know you do, too and my heart goes out to you in whatever your struggle is seen or unseen. It’s such a human experience.

Daily dark chocolate is good for heart health, brain function and general happiness!

On August 26th - their 69th wedding anniversary!

I've come to realize that in making this chocolate, we're offering to the world a moment of peace; a chance to collect ourselves, bring ourselves back to our inner well of strength and melt into our true nature. To nourish ourselves with awareness and self-compassion. Whisper those words we may not even know we need to hear: “You’re worth it. Being human is hard, and you’re doing a great job.”

These simple moments give us the strength, clarity and patience to bring our best to whatever is next. Because really, we never know what’s next 😊

If you have thoughts you’d like to share, or any wisdom from taking care of your parents, feel free to email me, I read every email.

Warm regards,

P.S. I'll have more information soon about timing for the reopening. Hang in there! 💗