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On Life + Chocolate

Gratitude Meditation with Chocolate! November 19 2017, 0 Comments

Can you think of a better time of year than the holidays to slow down for 2 minutes to recenter yourself and find the peace that's in your heart? When life gets busy, it's even more crucial to find a way to take that break.

We've got an answer that we think you'll love ... a chocolate meditation! Your whole job for the time it takes for a piece to melt in your mouth - without chewing! - is to savor the flavor, revel in the texture, and totally melt into the experience.

You'll feel better afterwards, guaranteed. And all it takes is 2 minutes.

Here's a guided chocolate meditation to get you started ...

The audio meditation here was recorded for use with a special chocolate called Wei Gratitude but you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize!

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Wei Inspired Chocolate Meditation from the LOTUSWEI Flowerlounge April 27 2017, 1 Comment

For all of you who attended the Flowerlounges, big šŸ’œ thanks for bringing your special energy to the tour - you made it sparkle!Ā I had such a lovely time being a special guest of LOTUSWEI, and I really enjoyed telling stories and sharing chocolate with all of you!

For those who attended and those who couldn't, here's a recording of the Wei Inspired Chocolate Meditation that we did that evening ...

I'm really looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you! If you'd like more information on meditation & retreats, make sure you're on the special meditation list HERE. If you'd like to stay in the loop for chocolate specials, sales & events, join HERE.

One-on-One Meditation Consultations: the Launch of Wei Wisdom! December 12 2016, 0 Comments

With a warm and joyful heart,Ā I am pleased to announce the birth of Wei Wisdom - the vehicle by which Iā€™m nowĀ offeringĀ one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them, or for those who are already meditating, and wish to revitalize and fine-tune their practice.

Many of you know that 30 years ago I went to Asia, andĀ I lived thereĀ forĀ 11 years, studying & practicing meditation. It was a special time - many of the greatestĀ meditation masters of the 20th century had escaped from Tibet, and were living in exile in the Himalayas.Ā Ā 

I was fortunate to immerse myself in that world and see firsthandĀ the impactĀ it makes when peopleĀ spend a lifetime committed to meditation. The benefits are palpable - when you walk into a room, you can feel the difference. These are the joyful ones, the light-hearted ones, the kind, loving and yes, powerful ones.Ā 

All the good qualities we aspire to (and sometimes feel are unattainable) are nourished &Ā revealed by meditation.

After many years thinking that I could not hope to help others until I had attained the awe-inspiring state of my teachers, I realized that actually, today is enough. I have 30 years of being human + meditating, and so that is what I offer: insight intoĀ the experience of being human & meditating, and the compassion for self that can ariseĀ because of that endeavor.

If that sounds interesting to you, this is an invitation to explore, with a longtime practitioner, what this means for you in your life.

As a gift, Iā€™m offering 15 minute get-to-know-each-other slots. Book yours HERE. After that, if it feels like a fit, we can meet on a consultation basisĀ for a 45-60 minute session to deepen the work. Iā€™ll also hold space in my weekly schedule for 20 minute check-ins and/or 40 minute sessions to continue the work for those who find it meaningful.

If you don't see a time that works for you, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat & find a good time for you.

Book Your Wei Wisdom Meditation Consultation December 12 2016, 0 Comments

Meditation just for you November 22 2016, 4 Comments

I am pleased to announce I am offering one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them.

This past week, I was blessed to be on tour with the Lotuswei team. As many of you know, Katie Hess, my best friend, wrote a book called Flowerevolution about her body of work with flower elixirs or flower remedies. She spoke movingly to people from coast to coast about how the flowers are powerful tools of transformation that catalyze personal growth. We hosted Flowerlounge gatherings to launch the book in New York, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

Everywhere we went, as we engaged with people, it became clear that many are experiencing an unexpected state of challenge and stress, and need new ways to negotiate this wave of change. It also became clear that we are on the verge of a tremendous opportunity to rise to a new level of engagement with our ideals, our world, and our highest potential.

In response, Iā€™d like to offer some practices to support and stabilize from the point of view of a longtime practitioner.
As a gift, Iā€™m offering 5 free slots to the first to respond. After that, if it feels relevant, I will continue to hold space in my weekly schedule to meet on a consultation basis with those who find meaning in this work.

If this is what you've been looking for, or you're curious, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat.