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On Life + Chocolate

Announcing 2 New Flavors! January 29 2019

Please help us welcome Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate & Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate to the Wei family!

These two new flavors are both so rich and deep, you're going to love them! As I've gotten to know them this week, Wei Compassion has become my go-to flavor. Infused with LOTUSWEI flower remedies that help you nurture yourself and hold yourself in compassion, there's something so special about letting this one melt in your mouth ... it reminded me to treat myself in a gentle, loving manner. Try it & let me know in the comments below if you have the same experience.

Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom is another winner! I didn't know what chaga mushroom would taste like in a chocolate, but W😍W! it's rich, deep, yummy and compelling! You can feel the slight texture of the chaga in the chocolate, reminding you of its earthy origins. The LOTUSWEI flower essences in this one include Bodhi leaf, which was collected from the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India, when Katie Hess & I visited that super special place a few years ago where the Buddha attained Enlightenment. Wei Wisdom is all about opening your heart and awakening your spiritual connection, in your own way.

Check out the new flavors HERE and try them for yourself!

Wei of Chocolate Launches New Packaging June 18 2015

We’re so happy to announce our brand new beautiful box! We wanted to create a fitting home for your special chocolate - a rich brown eco-friendly paper box to keep your lovelies ready for those nurturing moments. 

We believe that you deserve a luscious, 2 minute break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment, returning to balance with body & mind. Where you can nurture yourself, care for yourself and recalibrate so that you can continue to do the great things that are unique to you, with increased awareness and effectiveness.

That’s why we came up with energetically infused chocolate that’s designed as a trigger to help us rebalance throughout the day, in bite-sized 2 minute meditations. 

Your chocolate deserved a better home, though - one that reflected the beauty and care that we pour into every piece. One that explained our vision, and better supported you in taking that break that we all need, but too seldom do.

Today, we welcome you to the unveiling of our new packaging, and the launch of the 30 piece box. We have 9 single flavor boxes, plus the wildly popular assortment - All the Wei.

It only makes sense to have 30 pieces in the box, so you can make time for a chocolate meditation break at least once a day! Each piece is labeled, too, so you can take a moment to pause as you open it, and reflect on the what you’d like to create in the moments that follow. 

This same box will now be used for the chocolate subscriptions - so you can choose whether you’d like one, two or three boxes per month, delivered automatically to your door.

Thanks so much for joining us, as we hold the vision of a better world through the mindful peace of chocolate. Enjoy!