No Shipping 12/23 to 1/2 - Oompah Loompahs on Holiday! December 19 2017

Here's the latest on our Holiday shipping schedule:

Our dear Oompah Loompahs are joyfully working to get your chocolate on its wei to you! All orders already placed will be sent out today & tomorrow (Dec. 19th & 20th), in accordance with the wishes of USPS, who wants your package in the mail by Wednesday, 12/20 in order to reach you - or your giftee - by Christmas.

We'll continue to ship everyday through Friday 12/22, though, as expected, the later orders may not be delivered till after Christmas.

Our Oompah Loompahs are members of the Wonka Workers Union, and they have announced that they will be taking a holiday during Christmas week to recover & spend time with the little loompahs. Therefore, we will not be shipping chocolate from 12/23 to 1/2.

For our loyal subscribers, if your subscription is scheduled to go out between 12/23-1/1, you have a choice whether it goes out earlier or later. Let us know your preference by:

  • Contacting Laura at
  • Waiting for an email from us & responding to it
  • Don't respond & we'll ship your subscription when shipping resumes in January

We unexpectedly ran out of Wei Radiant, so if you ordered Wei Radiant (or the 9pc organzas), Laura is trying to reach you so we can fulfill your wishes in the best wei possible. Also note that our All the Wei assortment will contain only 8 flavors until January 2nd. Our apologies for any disappointment!

We are deeply grateful for your love & support, and wish you the happiest of holidays and many moments of peace.


Lisa, Laura & the Loompahs