Join us for our Chocolate Deep Dive! December 30 2019

While everyone else is doing their 3-day Detox, Cleanse, Boot camp or Challenge …

Why don’t we try something new?

Let’s explore … relax … sink in … and do a deep dive into chocolate!

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Over the Christmas holiday, I did some serious research as I wouldn’t want to invite you into uncharted territory!

I wondered, what would I learn if I ate a substantial amount of chocolate over a 2-3 day period, with awareness? One could almost call it a chocolate retreat

And the results surprised me! 😄

So I’d love to invite you to join me, so that we can play, explore and melt into our true nature together!

And while this may seem extravagant at first blush, I checked out some of the other programs that are being offered right now, and found that you could:

- Do a Colon Cleanse for $144
- Get a 3-day Juice Fast for $99
- Try a 3 day supply of powdered packets to drink for $68 plus shipping & handling

Or, you could can get a 50-piece bag of the best chocolate on earth for $62 and have a GREAT time with us! Set aside a few minutes on your calendar on Friday, Jan. 31st, Saturday, Feb. 1st & Sunday, Feb. 2nd. We'll record the sessions, but if you can join us live, it would be awesome to see you!

We’ll be connecting by email & Zoom during our deep dive, and you know that chocolate people are fun! Click here to get on the list!