Favorite Flavors are Back in Time for Mother's Day! May 06 2020

It's time for celebration — of moms, you, and resilient humans everywhere! And just in time, we've made 3 of our favorite chocolate flavors again — Lavender grey Wei Peace, delightfully complex Citrusy Wei Joyful, and pure dark Velvety 75% Wei Compassion — and you can get them for the weekend! 🎉

As I sit here typing to you, I can almost taste the amazingly creamy, beyond-the-imagination freshness of these fabulous flavors I've missed for so long. Mine are arriving in the mail tomorrow, and I'd love for you to be able to revel in this chocolate, too.

The best news? All orders go out by Priority Mail, so if placed before 8am Monday through Thursday, your chocolate will arrive in 2 days!

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