Almond Butter filled Wei Indulgent is Back! December 02 2019

Wei Indulgent almond butter cups organic dark chocolate

Wei Indulgent has to be our most requested chocolate ever. We made them once, years ago, and the palate never forgets! Smooth, creamy, delicious - omg I want one now, but I've run out again! Don't let this happen to you! These are Limited Edition, so enjoy them while you can.

The creamy vegan filling is infused with flower remedy of Gardenia, which helps us embrace the parts of ourselves that we might see as flaws. Like the part that likes to indulge, and then feels guilty! What would it be like to slow down, savor, enjoy and be guilt-free? Here's the perfect chance to practice that!

Click below and listen to the meditation designed for Wei Indulgent - whether yours has arrived yet or not. You can find it here.