Supercharged FLOWERLOUNGE :: Singapore

December 14, 2016

I have always been fascinated by the people, energy, and totally jungalicious vibe of the garden city that is Singapore!  I continue to marvel at how LUSH everything feels, despite being a big city ~ the trees with their huge green leaves + sprawling roots, the brightly colored flowers, singing birds + insects ~ it's all so incredibly nourishing.

As part of the Flowerevolution book tour, I was honored to host a FLOWERLOUNGE in Singapore! Every single seat was taken and the space was packed! We started with a meditation and the energy in the room was palpable ~ a special crowd. Everyone was warm, welcoming + good-humored.

After the talk I gave individual flower readings + signed books, so I had the opportunity to meet with each person, one by one; I was incredibly inspired by the level of enthusiasm + support!  I heard from friends that it's highly unusual at events in Singapore for people to stay afterwards and create connections with the other people there.  As a busy city environment, people usually keep to themselves + then continue on to their next engagement, but at the FLOWERLOUNGE, many people stayed after and started up conversations with others!

I loved meeting so many refreshing people, and I was especially surprised at the divine timing of certain guests who just happened to be town!  Like Kai, a woman who was just in Arizona {what?!}, and had just spoken with a mutual friend of ours from Vancouver {!} + realized she and I would be in Singapore at the same time!  Or Likhitha, a gorgeous woman from Bangalore was only in town for 2 weeks, + Joy, who also just happened to be in town, from the Philippines.  I love it when the perfect conditions arise for us all to meet in special places, in miraculous ways for magical outcomes!

I was especially blown away by the generosity of Shan Shan + Clare~ I usually do these events with my team of 5-8 people.  This time I was alone in Singapore, without my team, and Shan Shan + Clare came to the rescue in such an elegant way.

If you were at the event, you'll remember that I was asking for ideas of where to make a Flower Offering with all of the leftover flowers!  Following our FLOWERLOUNGES, it's customary that we do this ~ like here in LA at the ocean~ but in Singapore  I needed to be discreet to avoid getting in trouble with the police!

If you're reading this and are in the U.S, you may have heard that the laws in Singapore are very strict!  It makes it one of the absolute safest places in the world ... but also means that if I were caught making a flower offering in the river or ocean, I could get in a lot of trouble for littering!  So ... in an effort not to be fined or thrown in jail {ok, I may be exaggerating a little bit about jail}, I needed to find a secret place to make the flower offering ...

I won't tell you where, but I can say that afterwards, my Singaporean friends told me {AFTERWARDS, mind you!!!} that it was highly likely there were crocodiles in the river due to the proximity of an old crocodile farm! {What?! I tell you ... the stakes are high here!}

So at the river's edge, completely oblivious to the possibility of nearby large reptiles {ah, it's better that way!}, I made my most heartfelt wishes + prayers for the city/country of Singapore, its people, future + all of Asia.  It was low tide, and the water's current carried our deepest wishes alongside the orchids + rose flower petals out to the ocean and all of Southeast Asia.

And that's our last stop for 2016!

Where do you want to meet us at the next Flowerlounge?

Love + flower petals,

katie hess

***Photography Credit: Ananth Ramchandran