Can I really eat chocolate guilt free every day, and have it be good for me? Tell me the 3 secrets now!

Chocolate that's good for your
body, mind + spirit.

We found the key to creating chocolate
that's delicious, healthy + brings
more peace to your day.

Did your dream just come true?

Organic    Fair trade    Vegan    GMO free    
Dairy free    Gluten free    Soy free

Learn what you need to know to eat chocolate everyday, and have it be a path to health + wellness.

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Daily Ritual

1 piece / day

Studies show one a day is enough to reap health benefits. Start this week!

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      Life is Good

      2 pieces / day

      Bring more joy + peace into your day, twice a day!

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        The Game Changer

        3 pieces / day

        Nourish yourself on every level & still less than 100 calories! Yes!

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          Ever try to meditate by focusing on the breath?

          What if we focused on savoring chocolate instead!

          Delicious, smooth, creamy ... layers of flavor unfold as the warmth of your body melts the
          chocolate - no chewing!

          Chocolate that's dairy free, soy free, gluten free and GMO free. Vegan, organic fair trade
          dark chocolate
          to enjoy with wild abandon, one extraordinary piece at a time.

          Elevate your chocolate experience. 

          This meditation thing just got a whole lot easier.

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